Why does ZECCO make you wait 3 days after a trade to get the buying power back or more after selling a stock? related questions

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Why does ZECCO make you wait 3 days after a trade to get the buying power back or more after selling a stock?0mely2012-09-21 14:05:02
Basically If I buy some stock and then sell it I have to wait three days before obtaining the cash balance in my account . Why it took so long? Is there some brokerage firms that give purchasing power away? ? ? ? ? ?
Are there tax penalties for BUYING a stock then SELLING with in a few days then BUYING the same stock again?1dumitru2012-10-25 18:34:03
I am a novice in stock trading . I found a population that is in a constant roller coaster of ups and downs . Are there tax penalties ( or anyone else who needs to know about ) if I buy low sell high one day a couple of days later and then buy the same action again a few days after that when it falls to a minimum and continue repeating the same process if the pattern continues up and down ? I realize capital gains for short term trading about 35 % or so ... Any information would be helpful thanks .
Is selling a stock then buying the same stock back at a lower price considered day trading?0Janeille2012-07-24 07:49:02
I understand that buying stock then selling it for a higher price in the same day is considered a day trade. What about selling a stock bought on a previous day for a profit, then buying the same stock back at a lower price. Would that be considered day trading or not?
Why do I have to wait three market days after the day I buy stock?1Mina2012-10-12 19:19:02
I'm new to investing and wanted to do something a trading day . I bought some stock and sold it the next business day . They said investment services I have to wait three trading days after the day you bought the shares to sell . How can anyone make money in day trading like that? Apparently , investors would have to have multiple stock buying and selling to make a profit on a daily basis . What am I missing here ?
Buying a stock and selling the same stock that day, is that counted as one trade or two?0#OddKidd;2012-08-03 01:04:01
Buying a stock and selling the same stock that day , it counts as a change or two?
With Zecco.com, you can trade shares for $4.50 each. What is the share is selling for $2?0ashish2012-10-06 13:03:50
Also, what if I wanted to buy, say , a part of Google , GOOG . Its shares are more than $ 4.50. Would I get one share of GOOG for $ 4.50 ? How does this work ?
What is the absolute cheapest store, which deals with buying and selling games, as far as cash back?1Arlene2012-08-08 23:32:01
I have a great source that you can negotiate the latest games back (X- Box 360 , PS3 , PS Vita ) and virtually all of the old school games and systems. My question is more about finding a source where I can buy new games , whether talking about all the individual games or wholesale lots (the latter preferred) in connection with the PS3 and X -Box 360, most cheaply as possible. If anyone out there knows and is kind enough to answer my question , I appreciate it very much and I owe you one!
Do you have to wait for 3 days for a trade to settle before trading on a cash account.?0Farina2012-10-26 23:10:22
I know you do not have to wait for the settlement rule three days in a margin account , but what about a cash account ? I heard that some online brokers let you do it in a cash account . I do not like margin accounts that do not want the temptation to burrow money but still want to sell a stock and using the funds to buy another action immediately. I use www.zecco.com
I'm selling in an Ebay shop, why do the Ebay trading records only seem to go back 60 days? or am i wrong?112-year-old-poet2012-09-04 06:41:02
It is very helpful to see a visual representation of sales on the screen, does it deleted after 60 days? and if so , is only possible to maintain permanent records of sales by printing it out?
From which website i have to make buying and selling of shares?0green_heart2012-08-21 02:21:02
I'm interested in online trading of shares. if anyone has information please tell me
Just how difficult is it to make a living selling and buying options?3rose-Ms. Sue2012-09-25 17:06:03
I know that " day trading - stocks for a living " is a joke now (although , yes , I am sure that 1 in 50 Daytraders are able to make a living out of it) , but what about options trading ? < Br > I have a very solid financial markets , but have never explored the options. ¿ I can, with no more than $ 20,000 really make much money selling and buying options? The stock market only I could earn 11% on average. What kind of benefits could be expected year-end trading options ? Please do not link to the ads ! Thank you !
Is it possible to make a living buying and selling stocks and shares?2jarrell2012-09-25 00:06:02
I was told about forex and day trading but I think it might be a scam.

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