How will the Red Sox generate runs this year?

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Keisha (for drwls)
Asked at 2012-09-21 02:52:03
- I can understand not bring back Beltre , rejected his $ 10mil option and wanted a 4-year agreement , for a child of 31 years trading Safeco Fenway deep RF doubt going to be more than trade bait Oakland. MedlinePlus - Ortiz is obviously lower, which is what was in MIN at this point and is only here for at least another year. MedlinePlus - Lose V - Mart was my biggest fear , is consistent with a bat Texiera . If Beltre glove loss meant moving Youk to 3rd , Martinez just play 1B and Salado would split time with Tek behind the plate . Now you can see an awful scene , with Lars Anderson early in the 1st . MedlinePlus - Bill Hall should have been dismissed ! That kid played every position but pet. MedlinePlus - If the infield is seen everywhere as bad as it did in the gardens , we'll have a long season. Or even more powerful appearance . MedlinePlus - Last year the " foreclosure prevention " philosophy was a joke considering how silly it was to give Beckett an extension so huge and sign Lackey , who always aspires to Fenway and steadily declined ( Inning by K dropped significantly ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Will you at least make a strong push for Gonzalez ? DUNN YET ! Anyone !
Answer1OrquidiaAnswered at 2012-09-25 10:23:02
Good question . Though I doubt the Red Sox will not go after a big bat this season , whether or Crawford or Werth Dunn . On the other hand , if by some chance , the Sox do not get a big bat very well may be looking at a year below .500.
Answer2sharrodAnswered at 2012-10-08 12:52:29
Victor Martinez left Boston to Detroit because of how badly the fans are in Boston . Beltre will do the same .
Answer3vedranaAnswered at 2012-10-16 01:05:00
I hope this is dunn boston . We sure need some energy .
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