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Why do stock markets exist?0Im2012-09-21 02:16:03
What do you really use? If it is just for businesses to raise capital , then why trade stocks all day exchanging billions of dollars? And when you and I buy or sell a stock , we are not actually investing in the company , only exchange the ownership of the shares - so why markets exist ?
Wants to know about US & UK stock markets in depth. I am a Tech analysist. I need structure of these markets?0badi2012-09-08 15:57:02
I am a professional broker . I can operate in the Indian markets . I want to know about the markets of the U.S. and the UK . I'm basically a good technical analyst and makes day trading successfully. I need the basic structure of these markets to day trade . General behaveir trading day with prospects , trends , patterns behavieral of stocks, indices , SmallCap and MidCap I'ma player Momemtum in day trading . In that case , what trend I see, how the structure of brokerage , How is culture day trading in the U.S. and the UK. Where will I get online graphics facility to open simultanoulsy atlest 30 shares and choose to trade in all total scrips and choose the best days moving above scrips with reasonable volumes . What is the scope in these markets for these patterns ? Is ther any website reveals the basic structure of these markets . If you are in these markets , and lead me in the knowledge base , help me make money consistently in day trading as I am a day trader very, very successful .
How to Find Stock Trading Tips For indian Stock Markets?0arshdeep2012-09-10 08:13:02
Like a good place http://www.bullrider.in
Stock markets explained ?0Coral2012-09-24 10:48:02
my 14 year old daughter just started her buissness studies course at school , so I'm looking for information to explain in simple terms what actions are mans , how a company is floated and stocks and shares are traded explain why and how values ​​rise and fall.
How do stock markets operate?0Berni2012-08-11 00:14:40
I want to know what day trading is done and everything else related to it .
What does a 'point' represent on the stock markets?0Bess2012-08-14 09:55:35
" The Dow Jones is below 9000" , "the ISEQ lost 45 points to stand at 4,035 , the Nasdaq up 32 ", etc, etc, etc. .. What is a "point" represents? The total amount of money quoted shares are worth ? The number of shares traded at the same time ? The amount of money traded in a day? I tend to concentrate on my own individual stock prices when listening to markets, so I have never known what it means when the market is generalized in this way ...
Can someone explain the stock and bond markets?1manman2012-09-30 00:20:01
I have a basic knowledge of stock market and mutual funds without 'm just interested in learning more.Please simply exposing the foundations of the market in a few simple paragraphs . What is an action? What are the classes? What is a bond? What are the classes? What is a treasury bill ? What is a money market fund ? What is a mutual fund? What is an index fund ? How does the trade in commodities? How does forex trading ? What have I missed? Please have fun with this, but only respond if you can really help.
What is "margin trading" in stock markets?0﹏ 1s. 2012-09-04 10:17:02
What is the "margin trading " in the stock market ?
Do Asian stock markets pause midday?0sha'kira2012-08-27 13:10:02
From looking at the graphs of the Hang Seng , Shanghai and Nikkei seems all midday break and stop trading ? Is that true ? And why stop ?
U.S. stock markets open Columbus Day 2011?0Salvany2012-08-02 06:50:02
open for trade?
How to start own system trading in stock markets ?1Frederica2012-08-29 19:58:07
I trade in Indian Stock and Commodity markets using Technical Analysis on Metastock, Can anyone tell me how to develop my own system and start system trading....
Is foreign currency traded on the stock markets?2sxxx1234562012-10-21 06:21:03
Foreign currency is traded in the stock markets ?

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