Is online trading stocks profitable or should I just invest long-term through a brokerage? related questions

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Is online trading stocks profitable or should I just invest long-term through a brokerage?0Taymor2012-09-20 22:03:02
Is it profitable online stock trading or long term investing I through a brokerage ?
Which is more profitable on the long and short term, trading Stocks, Options, Future or Foreign Currency?0shahizah2012-08-01 19:31:02
How long does it usually take to buy 1 million stocks in online brokerage trading firm and how long to sell?1thanks2012-08-02 16:57:02
I would like to know time, not exactly but for example would it take arround a second, or minutes? Also what would be a nice brokerage account to do this kind of trading?
I want to invest in shares.will not do intra day trading.short term and long term buy sell only.which is the b2Reisha2012-09-04 23:48:03
est internet portal to invest throuh ?
Planning for long term investments (10+ yrs) can invest monthly $100 to $300. Need suggestions to pick stocks?2tango2012-09-09 19:08:02
Need details on how to analyse and select the stock. Which stock broker is good (prefer online trading option). Please provide information on this. Any good books you recommend on stock pick/stock analysing techniques will help.
Why might you want to invest long-term over day trading?2nightingale2012-09-07 23:54:01
Why would you want to invest long term for day trading ?
Want to invest in rei agro ltd. for long time of 1 year or short term of 1-2 week & best stock to trade/invest?0Hannie2012-11-02 16:55:54
Can anyone tell me a good strategy to exit profitable long positions while trading stocks ?0Please,Please Help2012-11-03 03:11:02
im a day trader and confused how to exit profitable long positions ... sometimes I get very early and sometimes too late ...
How can I invest in long term stock..?1Be2012-10-09 03:37:02
Not interested in the day to day trading . What are good companies to invest in if you are a poor man like me , but would like to invest some . MedlinePlus How I can read the investment portfolio ? MedlinePlus Someone that I can help save a buck or two .. MedlinePlus manfreeme
TRADING VS. INVESTING - What is more profitable on long term, trading or investing.?1kick2012-10-24 08:36:02
In theory trading is more profitable because more potential profits can be made but on the other hand it allows to make many mistakes compounding to a poor return. What is your opintion is trading or investing on long term more profitable?
Is it possible to invest long term on the forex market with a margin account?0Ron2012-10-09 16:10:57
Can long-term investment in the currency market with a margin account ? As I can change one currency against another and hold it for a few months ? thanks
I will get Rs. 1.6 lakh from my grand mother when I'm 21 in a year or so. I want to invest the sum long term.?0SAP2012-10-04 06:13:22
Do not ask me to try trading.

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