If insider trading is illegal, why do some companies give stock as a benefit to their employees? related questions

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If insider trading is illegal, why do some companies give stock as a benefit to their employees?1Gordon2012-11-03 08:11:02
And how is it legal for you to buy the shares of the company you work for?
Is it illegal to do "insider trading" on a fantasy stock exchange?0Amberina2012-07-29 01:26:01
Just cause I know that sometimes fantasy stock portfolios are used to gather leads for real life funds... ie: Marketocracy ? I wonder how the law works with regards to this.
How is stock trading done by management in a company any different from illegal insider trading?0Prinness 492012-10-04 07:10:48
How do you trade in shares in a different company management of illegal insider trading ?
What is the difference between legal insider trading and illegal insider trading?1Tasia2012-07-17 12:55:02
I always thought that the insider trading was illegal especially after hearing about how Martha Stewart got in trouble for it. But now I realize that may be legal too. Can someone explain the difference?
Why is it fare for our elected congressman to be allowed to benefit by insider trading?1judy williams2012-09-27 06:13:02
Do you think insider trading in congress will ever be made illegal?1voytek2012-08-31 16:19:02
Do you think the insiders in Congress ever be illegal?
What will you do about Congress members' insider trading, which is illegal for the rest of us?0Patiance2012-09-22 12:54:02
Martha Stewart went to jail for it . The rich get rich in the stock market , while the poor get poorer . Many blame Wall Street bankers for economic inequality , but it seems politicians in Washington are guilty of making laws that enrich their own pockets .
What should an officer of a company do first if they find someone is engaged in illegal insider trading?0Noa2012-08-06 11:39:02
I'm writing a scene of a business situation where you suspect a member of the Board to give inside information to his friends that is not yet publicly available. If a staff member against the first table, or are supposed to file a complaint with the first SEC?
Is Illegal insider trading causing our current economic crisis?0cristal2012-07-11 19:43:01
Just look at what these companies are doing. Diamondback Capital Management LLC, Level Global Investors LP and Loch Capital Management LLC http://online.wsj.com/article/BT-CO-2010
If elected President would you make Insider Trading illegal for all members of Congress?0Jdub2012-07-13 19:52:02
Obama Signs a bill banning insider trading by Congress, who thought that was already illegal?1djamal2012-07-25 09:36:22
Obama signed a law prohibiting insider trading by Congress , he thought it was illegal?
How can United States citizens make it illegal to have politicians use insider trading to become rich?0richa2012-10-08 23:05:31
They make the laws and head committees that give them (if a normal citizen acted in this way - 30yrs in jail ) knowledge makes aware of how the shares will be made by its laws and go home and buy / sell accordingly. But what can we do to make a law that makes them follow the same laws as we do ? How can we let these thieves get free money in their coffers while watching reach their voters in line at the food bank ?

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