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Business Question Homework? Help!?0Dalilah2012-09-20 14:55:02
When the investor pays a broker only part of the total purchase price of the acquired shares , as investors are buying says _____ . MedlinePlus [ a] faith MedlinePlus [ b ] hope MedlinePlus [ C ] MedlinePlus edge [ D ] margin MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Each broker / dealer in the U.S. conducting securities transactions with the public is required to be a member of the _____ . MedlinePlus [ A] MedlinePlus Securities Commission [ b ] World Bank MedlinePlus [ c ] National Association of Securities Dealers MedlinePlus [ D ] Association of Brokers and Agents Commodities and MedlinePlus _____are trade rules reduce excessive market volatility and promote investor confidence to temporarily suspend trading on the New York Stock Exchange . [ A] Circuit breakers MedlinePlus [ b ] Automated Quotations MedlinePlus [ c ] Auto -buys MedlinePlus [ D ] trades MedlinePlus Program MedlinePlus Before a company sells securities firms are required by law to offer investors in the future the opportunity to read through a document containing full details of both the new issue and corporations . What is the required document called ? MedlinePlus [ A] affidavit MedlinePlus [ b ] leaflet MedlinePlus [ C ] book reports MedlinePlus [ D ] order blank
I need help with this homework question in microeconomics...I would appreciate any help....?1Willow2015-06-07 23:34:06
England and Scotland both produce scones and sweaters . Suppose that an English worker can produce 50 scones per hour or sweater per hour. suppose a Scottish worker can produce 40 scones per hour or two sweaters per hour. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - Which country has the absolute advantage in the production of each good ? Which country has the comparative advantage ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - If England and Scotland decide to trade , which product will trade MedlinePlus Scotland to England ? MedlinePlus - If a Scottish worker could produce only a sweater per hour , would Scotland benefit from trade ? What England still gain from trade ?
Colleege Business Law Homework Help!!!!!?0karisha2012-11-05 00:54:09
I need help explaining the difference between LIPA, Keyspan, and National Girl. Write if they are public or private corporations, profit or non for profit, whether they have stock and if they trade on the NYSE, and who is in charge (CEO, president, etc.) thank you so much in advanced for anything you can help me with!!!!
Business homework questions?1tarisha2015-06-07 23:34:25
1) The land of Narnack has a very fertile soil , but a lot of oil. What steps should be taken Narnack ? Narnack should MedlinePlus one . They specialize in the production of crude oil and grain trade for food and other products MedlinePlus b. Growing food anyway because its people will need it for survival MedlinePlus c. Focus on attracting tourists to the country and buy the necessary supplies and food MedlinePlus d. They specialize in the production of food products such as cereals and bread e. Import of oil to meet the country
Need help with business homework questions?0grey2012-09-15 19:58:04
Much of the damage to forests and streams of the eastern United States and Canada has been attributed to acid rain , sulfur originating from manufacturing plants and power in _______ . MedlinePlus [ a] Canada MedlinePlus [ b ] Mexico MedlinePlus [ C ] the Midwestern United States MedlinePlus [ d ] Europe MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Save- A- Bunch Hardware prices doubled plywood and other building materials after a tornado hit the area. Save- A- Bunch hardware is probably guilty of _______ . MedlinePlus [ A] collusion MedlinePlus [ b ] Price MedlinePlus coating [ c ] MedlinePlus price speculation [ d ] MedlinePlus price fixing MedlinePlus Which of the following ways to buy products from companies other manufacturers or producers and then sell to retailers MedlinePlus [ a] wholesalers MedlinePlus [ b ] The service firms MedlinePlus [ C ] MedlinePlus farm shops [ d ] retailers MedlinePlus MedlinePlus As an option owned small business , small business consultants generally recommend _______ because the odds of success are better MedlinePlus [ A] the purchase of an existing business MedlinePlus [ b ] invest abroad MedlinePlus [ C ] MedlinePlus external financing [ D ] starting the business from scratch MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When a company sells a part of himself in order to raise capital , a (an ) _______ . MedlinePlus [ A] merger MedlinePlus [ b ] MedlinePlus spinoff [ C ] MedlinePlus ESOP [ D ] divestment MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What organization created the classification of countries according to per capita income ? MedlinePlus [ a] World Bank MedlinePlus [ b ] EU MedlinePlus [ C ] World Trade Organization MedlinePlus [ D ] GATT
Help on my business and economics homework :)?1zakir2012-08-20 06:05:02
I have this question mark of 13 and who knows what the right! How much trade in global supply and global multinational force companies to have higher ethical standards than domestic firms ? xxxx
Business Finance Homework? Help Please ?0Ekanki2012-10-04 13:30:13
I 've done most of it , but I need a little help for the rest . Basically, it has given me some business scenarios and I have to give the most appropriate source of finance. MedlinePlus The types of funding out there to choose are : Hire purchase, issue of shares , loans , mortgages , Grant , Lease , cash on hand , Trade Credit & Overdraft MedlinePlus . The scenarios are: MedlinePlus 1) A sole proprietor small construction business who want to buy a used truck . MedlinePlus 2) A family textile business , commercial and LTD , with the desire to invest in some manufacturing equipment . MedlinePlus 3) The Curzon Veterinary Association , you need to get funding to help you buy a new premises . MedlinePlus 4) A new business wishing to sell tapes and CDs over the Internet . MedlinePlus 5) A new business supplying organic vegetables directly to consumers . MedlinePlus 6) An established hairdresser who wants to open a tan and manicure . MedlinePlus 7) An established business family fish and chip shop wishing to take over a rival . MedlinePlus 8) A coffee shop business looking to expand nationally in the north of England . MedlinePlus 9) A mix concrete business , which requires a fleet of trucks. MedlinePlus 10) A small MedlinePlus sole- trader wishing to buy a second-hand truck . 11) A large PLC wishing to take on another PLC . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any help is appreciated, but you can only do a few of them :-)
Thank you for your help! May I ask a business question!1Gar2012-05-01 04:00:26
What is the project to be a better deal ? Investment in the 10-20 million dollars. Thank you ! ! Please talk about project management , location. Because they come from all over the country, so what you seek the advice ! Again, the gratitude and confidence in friends !
Please help! help! business question!?1L.A2012-08-10 06:41:02
1.41 (2 pts.) 88. The government of Ruritania has implemented many programs that promote equality, but has become concerned about the very slow rate of growth that has plagued the national economy for many years. In order to address this problem, the government is likely to: A. make sure to balance its budget. B. avoid the use of fiscal policies and reduce the supply of money in circulation. C. reduce taxes and cut back on some social programs. D. take control of more major industries. # 1.42 (2 pts.) 162. When WorldCom used intentional accounting irregularities to make the company look more profitable than it actually was, it: A. was engaging in illegal behavior. B. was acting in an acceptable business manner. C. was executing its responsibility to its owners. D. provided its stockholders profit through a tax-loophole. # 1.43 (2 pts.) 101. A major benefit of socialism is assumed to be its: A. ability to stimulate rapid economic growth. B. emphasis on social equality. C. emphasis on low tax rates. D. ability to create strong incentives to work hard. # 1.44 (2 pts.) 60. Which of the following statements about US government deficit spending is most accurate? A. The federal government violates the law by running deficits because the U.S. Constitution requires the government to balance its budget each year. B. One reason the government has a hard time reducing deficits is that there is a great deal of pressure on the government to expand its spending each year. C. The government has used deficit spending to lower the national debt. D. Although the government used to run big deficits, it has consistently run surpluses since the late 1980s. # 1.45 (2 pts.) 232. Businesses can best meet their responsibility to society by: A. shifting the blame for product liability cases onto the legal system. B. creating wealth for their stockholders. C. creating markets for domestic products. D. supporting their preferred government officials. # 1.46 (2 pts.) 230.Patrick has a business in a building which he owns. Patrick is able to maintain ownership of these items under the right to: A. private property. B. freedom of competition. C. eminent domain. D. freedom of choice. # 1.47 (2 pts.) 246. Traders in the 18th century were encouraged to focus on selling their nation's goods in the global market to create a favorable balance of trade. Nations attempted to sell more goods to other nations than they bought from other nations. This approach to global trading is called: A. protectionism. B. ethnocentrism. C. mercantilism. D. isolationism. # 1.48 (2 pts.) 220. Jorge Martinez is a hard working entrepreneur who operated a successful business in his home country of Margintina for many years. Recently, however, he immigrated to the United States and applied for U.S. citizenship. "In Margintina, tax rates were very high," Jorge complained. "The government used the taxes I paid to finance all sorts of social programs to help the less fortunate. While this is a noble goal, it has really undermined the profit incentive of individuals such as me. I really feel that these high taxes have stifled economic growth." Jorge's comments illustrate the reason many socialist countries are experiencing a(n): A. brain drain. B. budget surplus. C. antitrust problem. D. depression. # 1.49 (2 pts.) 179. Which of the following is a characteristic of an effective ethics officer? A. (S)he communicates primarily via email. B. (S)he has a background in human resource management. C. (S)he is exceptionally organized. D. (S)he has a capacity to serve as a counselor and an investigator. # 1.50 (2 pts.) 61. __________ is characterized by a large number of firms selling products that appear to be identical. A. Perfect competition B. Microeconomic competition C. Monopolistic competition D. Oligopoly
Business question! help! help!?0Cyndi2012-11-03 14:01:26
1.11 (2 pts.) 226. As a business strategy, dumping can be used to: A. achieve eligibility for foreign aid. B. better utilize e-commerce opportunities. C. avoid trade protectionist laws. D. gain a foothold in a new market. # 1.12 (2 pts.) 180. The measure used to report price changes at the wholesale level is the: A. wholesale price index (WPI). B. gross domestic product (GDP). C. producer price index (PPI). D. consumer price index (CPI). # 1.13 (2 pts.) 108. Which of the following strategies for reaching global markets involves the lowest risk and offers the lowest profit potential? A. licensing B. a joint venture C. a foreign subsidiary D. contract manufacturing # 1.14 (2 pts.) 80. The Dabble Corporation is a medium-sized firm that has decided to begin exporting its products. The company needs advice about how to get started as well as trade-finance support. The federal government has established _____________ to help companies in Dabble's position. A. Export Assistance Centers B. export trading companies C. the World Trade Commission D. Federal Reserve Banks # 1.15 (2 pts.) 139. When Bagel Works employs in-store recycling, composting, and uses nontoxic cleaners, Bagel Works is participating in: A. corporate philanthropy. B. corporate policy. C. corporate responsibility. D. corporate social initiatives. # 1.16 (2 pts.) 109. The knowledge and skills students acquire in business courses will be useful to them: A. only if they work for a nonprofit organization. B. only if they work for a major corporation. C. only if they start their own businesses. D. if they work for any organization that produces goods and services, including nonprofit and volunteer organizations as well as businesses. # 1.17 (2 pts.) 256. Mostly Mirrors, Inc. is considering a program that would allow some of its workers to use flextime. One group of workers who would probably benefit from flextime is: A. workers with young children. B. workers who do not have access to computers at home. C. workers who have little self-motivation. D. front-line workers who must frequently meet with customers who visit the office. # 1.18 (2 pts.) 102. Appliance repair firms, tax consultants, law firms, and insurance companies are all business firms that are part of the: A. neo-industrial sector. B. service sector. C. production sector. D. management sector. # 1.19 (2 pts.) 243. Jamaica wants to buy vehicles from Ford Motor Company in exchange for Jamaican bauxite. Ford, however, does not have a need for Jamaican bauxite, but does have a need for computer monitors. Ford may trade vehicles to Jamaica, which then trades bauxite to another country, say India, which then exchanges computer monitors with Ford. This is an example of: A. a letter of credit arrangement. B. countertrade. C. multinational trading. D. global marketing. # 1.20 (2 pts.) 156. Management and employees at Boyer Enterprises are given time off each year to work in local charities. This firm clearly practices: A. community mediation services. B. participative funding. C. corporate philanthropy. D. social irresponsibility.
Business Question! help! help!?0Jatavion Micheal2012-11-02 16:46:29
Please solve them 42. Treating others unfairly can result in retaliation from the injured party. This will likely create a : A. lose-win situation. B. lose-lose situation. C. win-win situation. D. Golden Rule application. # 1.2 (2 pts.) 141. When the federal government spends more in a year than it receives in tax revenues, the result is called a: A. GDP deflator. B. federal reserve allowance. C. balance of payments deficit. D. national deficit. # 1.3 (2 pts.) 165. The main goal of resource development is to find ways to: A. find the right balance between policies that promote economic growth and policies designed to promote other goals such as a fair distribution of income. B. allocate existing resources more efficiently among competing uses. C. increase the amount of resources and create conditions that will make better use of those resources. D. promote the central planning of resource utilization so that resources can be allocated to the uses that will benefit society the most. # 1.4 (2 pts.) 15. As he explores his options for starting a new business in the old Philadelphia Navy base location, Mort has looked into the tax implications and government regulations that he would encounter. He has discovered that some nearby states offer fewer regulations and lower taxes than his home state and wonders whether it would be smart to locate his business in one of these states. These concerns indicate Mort's decision will be influenced by the: A. socio-religious environment. B. economic and legal environment. C. demographic environment. D. technological environment. # 1.5 (2 pts.) 190. The three countries participating in NAFTA are: A. Canada, Panama, and the United States. B. Canada, Mexico, and the United States. C. Canada, Nicaragua, and Mexico. D. Mexico, Panama, and the United States. # 1.6 (2 pts.) 24. Bennettville is a small and poor nation, but its current president has a genuine desire to create more wealth for citizens. The president has received recommendations from several of her advisors. Which of the following recommendations is likely to create the most wealth for Bennettville? A. Acquire more land by invading a neighboring country that is even poorer and weaker than Bennettville. B. Establish barriers to trade to protect Bennettville businesses from foreign competition. C. Establish a business environment that promotes and rewards entrepreneurship. D. Use foreign aid from other nations to purchase more tools and machinery. # 1.7 (2 pts.) 64. The vice president of human resources at WAWA Car Wash Enterprises feels strongly that workers need to realize the benefits of their hard work. This reveals the firm's responsibility to: A. society. B. customers. C. employees. D. investors. # 1.8 (2 pts.) 188. A specialized organization that assists businesses in creating relationships with foreign customers and suppliers is known as a(n): A. international brokerage house. B. global trade bank. C. export trading company. D. keiretsu. # 1.9 (2 pts.) 225. Using contract manufacturing as a strategy to reach global markets offers firms the advantage of: A. reduced risks. B. currency stability. C. significant start-up costs. D. increased volatility. # 1.10 (2 pts.) 115. Last year, the nation of Tigerland imported goods totaling $500 million and exported products totaling $386 million. Tigerland experienced a(n): A. unfavorable balance of trade. B. trade surplus. C. favorable balance of trade. D. benefit from membership in a free trade zone.
International Business Question HELP?0LITTLE BOB2012-09-25 02:11:03
The world's poorest countries are at a competitive disadvantage in all sectors of their economies . They have little to export. They have no capital ; Their land is poor , but often have too many people giving job opportunities , and educating them wrong. Free trade can not be in the interest of these countries . Discuss .

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