How to sell shares with rising sell trigger based upon percentage as opposed to price ? related questions

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How to sell shares with rising sell trigger based upon percentage as opposed to price ?0Papie2012-09-20 13:03:02
eg XYZ is trading at $ 10.00 and begins to increase . instead of fixing the point of sale , you can set trigger sell say 5% or 10 % drop in the price for blocking the benefits and take advantage of rising prices . MedlinePlus Thanks in advance
Should a sharp drop of a share trigger a sell action?0Dunca2012-10-10 19:42:10
Hi all, MedlinePlus MedlinePlus various analytical methods in stock trading , triggering a buy / sell signals based on moving averages . A trigger would be to sell a stock if it falls below a certain threshold value. So far so good . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I was wondering : should one react to a condition of the sale of a part if one suffers a sudden loss maintains high due to sudden changes in the securities markets worldwide MedlinePlus ? An example would be the last mini - accident caused by the stock market in China
I'am trying to learn when to sell my shares in stock but I don't know when to sell or trade and i need help?1faith2012-09-18 11:52:03
I purchased a stake in ShareBuilder for $ 4 per share and let sit Feb. 4 months and at halftime jumbed value of $ 4 to $ 11.84 I can sell now or should I wait for it to go higher because the intermediate time I've written before it went to $ 9 to $ 10.10 to $ 11 then again at ten and now is $ 11 more I do not know what to do , please give greater simplicity , and the best advice , so do not miss the opportunity to make money instead of losing $ $
How do I gauge how many shares of a stock I can purchase or sell without effecting it's price?0sandra m2012-09-07 06:33:03
For example , say we have a value with an average price of $ 20 and the daily quota vol 1 m . That's $ 20th day infused into the action divided by 390 ( the # of minutes in a trading day ) it is $ 51,200 a minute hand that changes in that population . If I see an opportunity trading and want to buy $ 100,000 worth of shares minute how will the price ? Is there a factor such as 2X , 3X , 4X , etc , let me know how much more ( or less) than the dollar flow normal 1 minute you can successfully negotiate. Also, I use limit orders , so not only can put in a market order and accumulate shares for a few minutes , until it is full . This is a day trading strategy so the price is very important to me and many times I have to fill that minute . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for the help !
Is there a percentage charge for me to sell my stock?0Kareena2012-08-27 10:46:02
Ok , say you invest in the purchase of a penny to $ 0.0007 10,000 shares and for some reason the stock market went crazy and at noon it was $ 1. Now I'm sitting on $ 10,000 and wants to sell . I am using ShareBuilder . If I hit the site and sell other than trade rates , is there some kind of commission percentage that they take? Do you owe more than the $ 9.95 they charge for the transaction ?
How do i sell shares, not trade or buy, sell?0deuce biggaloo0 2012-09-09 03:37:02
do not buy them just want to sell something ?
Can i sell fan art based on a character?0Ashford Unversity2012-08-13 18:39:02
Is it legal to sell fan art of any character that is copyrighted ? As an image based on Batman (and several other familiar characters ) and I want to sell in a couple of days of trading. I can do that?
What are some UK based stock brokerage firms that allow you to short & long sell stocks using options?0Tracie2012-10-06 20:20:10
I have 18 years and I've been looking all day for good and easy to use British firm brokerage that allows you to sell long and short sell stocks using options trading and strategies. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I tried to E * TRADE , igmarkets , Royal Bank of Scotland , my bank branch , and I am absolutely desperate to find a good one. Could you recommend , please , some good UK based trading options brokerage firms that allow you to sell shares short and long sell shares on stock exchanges around the world through a broker ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Good answers would be greatly appreciated . Thank you.
Do you have to be 18 to buy/sell shares?1tyrese2012-09-21 13:04:02
hi im 16 and i wanted to make some money on the side and i thought about trading in shares but you have to be 18 but i cant wait 2 years so i was wandering if i bump up my age by 2 years what is the worst that could happen i don't think its illegal
Where can i sell MTLQ shares?0ashley budram2012-10-16 13:11:33
I want to sell MTLQ ( old GM ) shares, but my current provider does not allow me to. Clearly they are negotiating . Any advice ?
Does $7 per trade mean I can sell 100 shares of GM for $7 or would it be $700?3lesly2012-10-26 08:44:02
I want to buy for investment in the short and long term and I am completely new to buying shares . I live in a rural town , so no yellow pages listings for investment brokers . How I can find someone to buy the stocks for me ? What is important to know ?
How do i buy and sell shares in nasdaq?3snicky2012-10-21 19:23:00
i saty in India and I want to do an online trading on Nasdaq , I have no social security , no, but I pay my taxes and that proof of this , how I can buy and sell in India

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