Who wants to trade in or swap a year old HTC incredible S(32GB) to a iPhone 4(16GB)? related questions

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Who wants to trade in or swap a year old HTC incredible S(32GB) to a iPhone 4(16GB)?0Jadia2012-09-20 00:12:02
you want to exchange or redeem a HTC Incredible S years ( 32GB ) to an iPhone 4 ( 16GB ) ? +886939969803 call me im in Taiwan
Ipod classic 160gb (new) trade for ipod touch 16gb or 32gb?1vohn2012-09-21 05:05:02
I have a brand new iPod classic with 160 GB version and there is a store or person who would change ipod touch 32gb or 16gb . my ipod only small marks on the back of thr alone and works perfectly .
Should I trade my iPad 2 for an unlocked iPhone 4s 16GB?1Clyd2012-08-30 15:52:03
Someone has made me an offer but I'm not sure on what to do. Help me out please The iPhone is brand new out the box...
Trade xbox 360 for an At&t white 16gb iPhone 4?0newt2012-09-13 12:30:03
Have an xbox 360 slim I posted on craigslist barter . I have someone offering a white 16gb At & t iPhone 4 Model : MC609LL for it , does not come with a SIM card . I'm thinking of trading , currently without a smartphone , but thinking I could get it and use it as an ipod touch for now and have something to mess around with , with the option to use it as a phone later. The phone is in perfect condition , I've gotten him through wifi , fw 4.11.08 operation . I have a PS3 , so Ido not use the Xbox 360 is why I posted in cl . Just looking for some opinions of others if you think it would be a good deal and would, if so why? Thank you.
Is trading iPhone 4 32gb for the new Blackberry Curve a good trade?0Hou2012-07-18 14:54:01
I'm not a fan of the iPhone or Apple for that matter ( say what you want , it's just a personal preference ). My friend wants to market its new Blackberry Curve 8500, which I quite like. Besides that the phone will also give me cash of $ 100. Is this a good deal ?
Is it worth it to trade in an iTouch for an iPhone after a year?0Zoombi2012-09-28 05:44:02
Right now , I have a LG Rumor with spring I've had it for almost a year , and an iPod Touch that I got for Christmas . I want to get an iPhone in the near future , so that instead of extending my contract with Sprint in a year , I was thinking of making the change in March 2011 . I return to my iPod Radio Shack that would give me about $ 100, then I will buy an iPhone and make a plan from AT & T. Is it worth saying goodbye to my iPod after only one year, or should I keep the iPod and you have an iPhone , besides him ? IPhones are even really good? I've heard good and bad things . Am I better off staying with the spring ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for reading this long question .. props to you for answering = )
Can I trade my black iPhone 4 for a white iphone?1nish2012-09-02 23:49:02
Due to a hardware problem , I need to get my iPhone 4 black replacement replaced. I understand that will cost $ 150 to get an iPhone 4 running on my hands. Am I allowed to trade in a white iPhone if I am out of warranty ?
Is trading in an IPod touch 4g 32gb for a 3DS a good trade?0linna2012-10-13 14:23:22
I just want opinions on this possible change someone I know . My ipod has zero scratches on the screen .
Can i trade in my ipad 2 16gb to a 64gb?0John Tan2012-07-09 13:07:01
I got it from best buy. Oh, and can I also get a data plan like verizon? My iPad doesn't have enough space.
Can you trade in an old iPhone 3G for an iPhone 4 or 4S version?1danny please help!!2012-07-29 23:36:57
My friend handed me an old iPhone 3G and said she didn't want to see it ever again.. and now I know why.. The phone won't turn on at all! I've tried to charge it but it wouldn't work. She claims she has drowned the phone underwater... The screen isn't cracked/scratched at all though. I told my other friend about this and he says that you can trade it in to apple and you can get a brand new working iPhone in any model, (of course by paying extra money). Is this true? Thanks. :) xo
Should I trade in my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 16gb for a Sony Vaio VPCEB15FM?0allen lews2012-07-22 14:02:01
I would change my tablet for a full notebook . Is this a fair trade? Sony Vaio VPCEB15FM : http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003FDAMG6/ref=olp_product_details?ie=UTF8&me=&seller =
Would trading a ipod touch 32gb for a ipod classic 120gb be a fair trade?2The Good 1 2012-08-29 10:40:04
which one is worth more...both of them are used

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