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Can the guy successfully start his own hedge fund?1Abeam2012-10-21 11:23:56
I know someone who has been day trading for over 20 years and have been successful at it strangely . It is very rare from what I've seen for such a wild success . He started almost from scratch and made a fortune for himself and his family. It was a day trader since I was in college. He is an investor and a trader and now plans to start his own hedge fund. You can reach prospects that know how to manage money and grow the money , but it's hard to start your own hedge fund ?
How can I start my own hedge fund?0aida2012-09-21 01:34:02
I have about 2 years of business experience . I have been working as an agent of a company support for one year - but barely pays the bills , and I want something a little more rewarding , and best to use my skills . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I operate better longer term position - that I have enough money saved to trade alrge these quantities . Instead , an object of trade on a demo account - options futures and stocks in real time and made a return of 500 % in about half a years time . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please let me know how I can start . Please do not use this information to call my lack of experience . I can be young , but I am very bright and learned a lot about trade and markets. , I wonder how I can get clients or anything else I have to do . I come from an extremely poor family and my prop trading profits so far only go towards rent and bills and other things in NYC . Thank you.
I'm 17 and want to start a hedge fund can someone help with more information, not investors?0T.2012-09-04 10:01:03
Hi , I have 17 years and live in California . I want to start a hedge fund , and I've been doing some basic research on hedge funds and how it works . MedlinePlus my question is how I can start this fund ? and there is an age limit for people who can start an investment fund ? I have a Visa and H-2 and no green card . MedlinePlus next question is : Do I have enough back bone to manage a small fund ? MedlinePlus In late July my father opened a brokerage account in your name with a thousand dollars in it and I was trading stocks and options with her and I have no room for my agent will not let me just stocks , so I have to buy stocks to make money. After three weeks of contributions I have made a return of 9.2 % after all expenses have been subtracted. My commission brokers is around $ 10 , so each time you open and close a trade i lose only 2 % commission . MedlinePlus Third question is how much are my expenses will be , and I can get the help of a bank like JP Morgan Chase or Bank of America or Morgan Stanley ? MedlinePlus I know the initial startup cost will be hundreds of thousands of dollars , and to pay for all these expenses need investors ( Duh ) . How I can get a hold of these banks or even your CEO ? i know you have a busy life , is any way I can get to them ? wither your email or phone and your work ? MedlinePlus Thanks for reading this and helping me.
Thinking to start a hedge fund - will I be labeled the new Madoff?1annonomus2012-09-25 03:33:04
So ... Turns out I have a little less than $ 100k - I know it's a small amount of capital MedlinePlus professional . And ... that's why I 'm thinking of ways to raise additional funds . One of my ideas was to start a hedge fund and offer investors the option to open account and deposit money online easily ... as if it is some online stock brokerage or forex , etc. I am also rethinking whether it will be a good option to offer some minimum annual interest rate - not less than 6% . Personally , I work as a software developer in a relatively large so that the creation of the website will be available to me - more money will be spent on legal fees and marketing . Finally , options trading , stocks and bonds for more than five years and 1-2 strategies that look like a safe bet - so offering 6% APY looks achievable . But ... you know ... the obstacle are obvious ( weak ecomony , reduced investor confidence , without registration , etc ... ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks in advance !
How can I attract investors, wether it be private, or banks to allocate funds for me to start a hedge fund?4jimmy2012-10-13 19:40:02
I realize that this is not a question for yahoo answers, but I thought why not, maybe someone can give me some good advice. I am 20 years old. I graduated high school and started investing and day trading right away. I never saw the need to go to college, because I teach myself very very well, the crap that they teach in college is disgusting and then they charge you for that crap. I don't know if this will qualify as a successful track record, but I started with 10,000 dollars that I made from selling real estate, and through the market turned it into what is now $100,000 dollars. I know how to make the money, but I do not have enough to make the really big bucks. I basically had a 900% increase in the amount of money I used to invest and trade, and by the looks of it I can make more. I am tired of playing with these little numbers. I want to start a hedge fund, get some decent traders, an office. To do this I need to get investors, I don't even know if they have phone numbers you contact or what. How do I get in contact with them? I am not talking about small business investors; I am talking about series investors. They do not have to start me off with a ton of money, they can start me out with a little so they can see that I will make them money. Does anyone know how I can set up meetings with various investors such as the ones described? Answers are appreciated, and sorry for the length of the question.
If I am a trading advisor for a hedge fund, can I participate in the fund's offering?0Raksha2012-10-03 13:27:56
If I am a business advisor , or a merchant , for a hedge fund , you can participate in the offering of the fund, although I am not a qualified investor under Reg D ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In other words, they have a high net worth , but I would trade it for a hedge fund . ? I can invest alongside other investors / partners of the fund regardless of my state ?
Is this a hedge fund?0Sandra Aged College Student2012-09-15 12:05:03
If I invest other people's money in a stock portfolio that I manage using advanced techniques such as risk and trading call and put options and shorting shares, which is a mutual fund ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Even if not millions of dollars I'm driving ?
IT consultancy or a hedge fund?0Corneliu2012-08-08 16:46:02
I have a job offer in an IT consulting firm , the business financial software application for customers. Not sure of the future there. I have another offer with a hedge fund . Do not know where the future. Any ideas ? Thank you !
How to become a hedge fund manager?0pavlina2012-09-17 15:39:03
What steps should I take if I want to become a hedge fund manager ? I'm about to graduate from high school and head to college . I plan to major in finance or economics . I understand that all commercial techniques used in the hedge fund industry and understand specific funds that specialize or have experience in a certain type of investment strategy , such as currency exchange , shorting stocks , commodities , etc. I have invested in the stock market using several different strategies and have achieved a rate of return of 18% in 3 months and the rate is increasing. Any advice on where to go from here and what to do to finally land a job in the hedge fund industry would be greatly appreciated . Thank you !
How Do Hedge Fund Managers Trade?3Kaitlin2012-11-05 04:05:01
Hey , I know hedge fund managers invest in almost everything, such as bonds , debt, commodities , stocks etc , but what is the favorite among managers is what trade on traditional values ​​, such as buying low and selling make it more expensive or spread bet on the direction of stocks and other financial investments ? MedlinePlus thank you very much
What is the best way to land a job as a trader in a hedge fund?1Mijee Jo2015-07-29 22:24:59
First of all, the term "trader" implies day trading, right? Also, I'm just curious as to what is required in terms of experience and formal education in order to work at a hedge fund in general, but specifically as a trader. Thanks
Job openings for Prop or Hedge Fund Trading in Chicago?0logan dilley2012-07-17 23:58:02
Had this under investing category too. I have been an RR since 1997. Currently at an order entry desk but would like to trade for profit. Does anyone have a place to recommend. Ones I have looked at want me to put up my own money, like $20-50k or have said I am over qualified. Please let me know if there are openings out there. I love trading but am sick of dealing with clients, just want to execute my strategies. All I'm looking for is the name of a place, who to call, or send my resume to.

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