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What are the best books about "Swing Trading"?0Trig2012-09-19 09:45:03
What are the best books on "Swing Trading" ?
What are the best books to learn the stock market and swing trading?2Sick Sick2012-10-08 04:20:03
I am looking for the best books for teaching me about the stock market and swing trading . I know nothing about the stock market and investment, but have always been interested in it. Please let me know some good books out there to help me get in my way. Thanks for any help.
Can any experieced swing trader out there recommend a very good stock picking software for swing trading?2Corey2012-10-02 00:51:03
Can anyone experieced swing trader out there recommend a stock picking software great for swing trading ?
What is the best swing trading setup?1Shivansh Tomar2012-07-03 12:34:02
I'm looking to make money using swing trading. what is a good setup for a good swing trade?
Swing trading strategy?0sidlord2012-10-20 02:42:22
Does anyone have any good idea for a swing trading strategy ? Maybe buy when seven days EMA EMA crosses 17 days ? Any suggestions ?
Swing Trading and Just Turned 18?1rauna2012-09-22 14:37:03
I just turned 18 and am doing swing trading and make some profit on the shares , but never keep a stock of more than a week MedlinePlus I probably will not be earning more than $ 5,000 in earnings this year and im single MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What is my tax rate ? When should I apply the tax return ? and what I can deduct ? and if I end up in a loss for the year I have to submit , it is my only way to make money
What is swing trading .and where i can learn the tools/secret for this kind of trading.?0cal2012-07-28 17:32:59
name of good site or book.
My swing trading strategy??? 10 points?0mckayla2012-09-08 15:38:02
I asked a question about trend following earlier and decided against it , however I have been using the strategy successfully is almost random . I literally just pick a stock and a look at your card and use technical analysis as Bollinger bands . Seeking band or trade or new highs outbreaks . Each trade is different depending on what I think. I also checked out normal fundemental headlines and upcoming events. I basically take a guess from the above results . Most of the time as 6 or 7 out of 10 times im right. Call me lucky lol . When I'm bad I just cut my loses and look for something else . Also trade the same stocks most of the time , as my favorite is AUY i trade this stock all the time . I do not cling to the populations of more than 2 weeks usually unless there is no movement . Im also not a daytrader . I usually buy or sell a day after a few days or a week of bad sell or cover . I also like to trade in the market rallies or crashes only once we recognize what's new . What is this strategy called ? But keep in mind that money management and never put more than 20% on a trade and since I have 10K below I can take the risk and since im only 19 . If a stock dosent do what I think you can leave period . What are your thoughts on this strategy ? I've been doing this for almost five years and have never had a "bad " year in which the market fell back in 08 i lost about 20 % , but then short the stock and quickly did then I left long and do much more .
Can u tell me some good stocks for swing trading.?1Kasie2012-09-06 06:30:05
give me some populations with which they move or trade. please tell me when or at what price should I buy . and these. any website or a forum or blog where people put this kind of information
Intraday trading swing size?0mathexplorer2012-08-04 01:46:50
How big does an intraday swing in trading (primarily Forex) have to be (as a guide). I heard 25+ pips on the m5 is okay? Can anyone elaborate please? I am looking to pick high/lows and retrace areas.
Starting a Day/swing trading business?0Yadira2012-10-14 13:39:26
Does anyone know if there is a legal way to get 100,000 to fund a stock trading business ? I suppose that a bank would not do that . MedlinePlus I could try to open a fund . Any idea where to get better ? Funded under Thanks MedlinePlus mike
What is the best ema crossover period for intraday trading and swing trading?0MACROECON2012-07-04 12:01:01
What is the best EMA cross intraday trading and swing trading ?

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