Give it how many days before the Euro currency comes to a total collapse? related questions

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Give it how many days before the Euro currency comes to a total collapse?02012-09-19 03:11:33
Every day I read something wrong in Europe. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What will be the impact of a total monetary collapse ? Will it lead to internal wars between European countries ? Will America remain immune to these trends ? Can America do without trade with Europe ?
In case the Euro currency loses its full value all of a sudden , which currency would still be useful?0JEFF BOMB2012-07-30 19:08:56
I was thinking about the swiss franc , since Switzerland is both a neutral coutry and rarely affected by the surrounding countries even during wars :
What score would you give my AP Euro FRQ?0ddd2012-11-02 11:09:07
I'm studying for the AP Euro test in a few weeks, and I just wrote an FRQ (free response essay) in half an hour. If you were grading the AP Test, what score (on a scale of 1 to 9 with 9 as the highest) would you give this FRQ? prompt: "Analyze the social and diplomatic consequences on Europe of the expansion of global trade in the period from 1700-1763." essay: During the period from 1700-63, Europe experienced an expansion in global trade. Routes between the continents were discovered in previous centuries, but they were put to greater use in the 1700s. In this time period, "triangle trade" between Europe, Africa, and Asia was the norm. This (nearly) global trade improved living conditions in Europe, but created diplomatic problems as countries battled to have the upper hand in trade. For Europeans, the social consequences of global trade were generally positive. Widespread trade created many new jobs in shipping and trading companies. New companies, like the East India Trading Co., grew and flourished. These companies and jobs showed trade to be a respectable way of earning a living, and aided the rise of the middle class. Also, global trade introduced many new goods to Europe. Things like sugar, tea, and calico fabrics served as status symbols for the noblility, and the greater variety of food improved the lives of peasants. This trend created population groupe in Europe, which had both positive and negative effects. Even though global trade had a positive influence on social factors in Europe, it strained the diplomacy between many European countries. England and France tried to gain control of colonies in Africa and North America, while Prussia and Austria fought for the province of Silesia in Europe. These disputes led to the 7 Years War, which ended rather vaguely on the European side but was a decisive victory for Great Britain. The Treaty of Paris (1763) gave Britain control of many areas in America, which started the British monopoly on trade. France faded into the shadows and started its political decline, while Britain dominated global trade to India and America. Global trade in the period from 1700-63 widened the horizons of Europe and had many positive social consequences, yet it created many diplomatic problems and even outright war.
Who can give me a clear image of the eagle on the euro, for emergencies.1didgeridoo !! 2012-03-03 20:47:24
Who can give me a clear picture of the eagle on the euro, in an emergency .
Trade MEXICAN CURRENCY FOR AMERICAN OR EURO?1trish2012-08-29 13:03:03
Trade me your coin to the American or Mexican currency euro , email me at [email protected] MedlinePlus NO RESPONSE FOR A STUPID 2 points lifee ! !
A total of 2006 how many days the national statutory holiday?1Wendy2012-03-09 05:11:07
In general , how many days of vacation a year ?
How soon can world currency results be displalyed? Esp. the dollar, yen, & euro?1please help me, I am so confused2012-11-03 15:51:02
Interest rates affect all curriences and help determine the rise and fall of all major dollar levels . Where the first day results are ? The euro , the yen , the dollar , and many other important factors curriences in global economic business decisions . How I can learn how this information is transmitted , displayed, expeditious , and understood by the markets?
Will the euro replace the us dollar as a the world's trading currency?0tammy lo2012-10-20 15:03:34
As a EU market has a population of 500 million + . Combined with the huge debt that is making the U.S. Government . Rumors circulating since several countries want a change for 2018 . The facts of this ?
Will the cloudy rainy days you can use telescopes to see a total solar eclipse1Simona2012-04-23 19:01:42
Why hasn't the world abandoned the US Dollar for the Euro as a trading currency?5joeeee2012-11-05 00:21:02
There already is EURO, there are talks of having AMERO, and Asia is planning on a unified currency as well....1Ja'Marcus2012-09-09 17:15:03
Three main currency in manufacturing , Euro , Amero and unified Asian currency . With this background , we may soon be talking about a single currency among others . How do you think this would affect world trade? That among the coin 3 strongest would think ?
Which currency pair is good for trading forex? Does Euro/USD deceive traders?0macy2012-09-27 22:11:02
Euro / USD currency pair is popular among traders . But I think the most successful traders trade because other currency pairs Euro / USD ago deceptive movements . It shows pips more than any other currency pair . This attracts traders and in an attempt to make more money in a minimum of people choose to trade. The problem is that often makes this pair moves wild and you can not catch the turning point . The movements are so wild that in an attempt to find the turnaround you loose not only your hard earned profits but also its capital . Receiving margin calls is common for Euro / / USD . MedlinePlus What other currency pair is good for trade ?

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