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Extremely hard questions rates?0Brennan2012-09-18 21:32:03
1. MedlinePlus 1/3 : 4 = 54:270 = 3.5:6 ​​= 2/7 : 3 = 1/6 : 3/4 = 2/3 : 1 1/5 = 4a: 2b = 8ab : 12BC = 250m : 3km = MedlinePlus 5L : 50 ml = 1min : 4secs = 1 day: 1.5 hours = MedlinePlus 2.6kg : 600 = 6 mm : 1m = 16 hours: 3 days = MedlinePlus 125 ml: 2L = 7/8 : x/72 = 7/9 : 84 / x MedlinePlus 2. the perimeter of a rectangle is 176cm the ratio of length to width is 7:04 what are the dimensions of the rectangle ? MedlinePlus Tom 3.Molly and invest in a business landscape its contribution is $ 6,250 and $ 5,000 , respectively . in the first year of trading profit was $ 8,973 . if they share the profits in proportion to their contributions how much profit does each recieve ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 4 in the manufacture of a revolution a bicycle wheel travels at 1.8 m if the bike is traveling at 24 kmh how fat is the spinning wheel in revolutions per minute? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 5 amanda and aaron Austin grandparents were benefactors of that money should be divided so that Amanda received three times more than austin but only half of what aaron if the lowest percentage was 635what $ 5 is the total of the inheritance ? MedlinePlus 6, the proportion of old -age davids michaels is 5:8 and the ratio of the age- old sarahs michaels is 7:03 , if the sum of their ages is 115 how old is sarah ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 7malcolm owns three vintage cars car ratio value 1 Car 2 is 3:4 and the ratio of 2 car 3 car value is 8:05 if the total value of the three cars is $ 115 900 to find the value of each vehicle? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus THIS IS NOT FOR SCHOOL
Please Help with my last two questions... Im really bad at social studies no matter how hard I try :(?1Bretagne2012-10-26 08:11:07
19. Trade between the states is known as MedlinePlus one . interstate commerce ( I think it's this one) MedlinePlus b. MedlinePlus extralegal trade c. MedlinePlus legislative trade d. MedlinePlus anarchy MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 20. The commitment made by the founders on this issue left a terrible burden for future generations . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus one . MedlinePlus western territories b. MedlinePlus interstate commerce c. MedlinePlus slavery d. trade
CPU frequency extremely fast drop!1Huette2012-01-03 06:31:16
I just changed a CPU is XP2200 + AMD. But when you are entering a time, showing only XP1500 + now firmer, XP1100 + only ! unscrupulous merchant people so strong? Overcoming often so bad! Ace gives instructions please!
Anxious about the qq video, extremely depressed1Delia2012-04-15 02:35:36
I have a camera , QQ not show the video , is the main depressed for my q does not show all my programs on the other hand qq , qq I can reinstall , also chose my figure of video users , the depression did not show , who can help me to worship who I was ~
SATA hard drives individuals to buy good or better IDE hard disk1Georgina2012-03-04 22:54:33
My samsung 120 hard drive, made a GHOST, and then there is no hard data1Isaac2012-05-04 22:55:18
Hard disk partition is gone, just reformat the C drive, I want to do data recovery , that friend to help in the final version of EasyRecovery Pro v6.10 recovery, but not installed in China , how to operate? ?
Look at old station 8 through extremely difficult to rise from the ashes of the best1Doug2012-10-15 09:50:01
Look at old station 8 through very hard to get up from the ashes of the best
JAVA subject extremely grateful Huoji asking a favor1chen yeng2012-09-04 05:36:03
JAVA subject extremely grateful 1 Huoji asking a favor, read a float value to the amount of capital into the Chinese methods, such as 12345, into: Triple hundred and sixty thousand dollars wantonly angle rented furnishings Wu points. Requirements: (1) When the amount is an integer, said integer part only, omitting the decimal part, and add the "whole" word. (2) When the amount of 0 contains a continuous, simply write a "zero" button. For example, 10005 is expressed as: ten thousand dollars the whole zero-Ng. (3) 10 representation. For example: 110 is expressed as: rented furnishings one hundred yuan a whole, and 10 expressed as: ten-dollar whole 2, the design of a bank account class, including: (1) account information: account number, name, account time, ID number, etc. . (2) deposit method (3) withdrawal method 3, the known method of String class replace the following statement: Public String replace (char oldc, char newc) the character of the method to replace all oldc newc characters. Please design a class that inherits from String class and override the replace method to replace the source string newstr oldstr substring substring. Replace the overloaded method declaration is as follows: Public String replace (String newstr, String oldstr)
The first day of the driving school to learn to drive, extremely depressed ~ ~ 5555551noun in names2011-12-17 06:21:04
The first day of driving school to learn to drive , very depressed ~ ~ 555555
Will: I know someone else's IP, to adjust something on his hard drive. His hard drive is shared to. May I ask what method or software can be realized1maharaj2012-10-14 07:22:01
Reminded the wide area network
The entire hard disk with GHOST (60G) copy to another hard disk (80G), so can it work? Or must be as big?1ABIGAIL 2012-05-22 18:41:21
The entire hard drive with Ghost ( 60G ) copy to another hard disk (80 GB ), so it can work ? Or should it be so big?
Ask for advice: The +250 G hard disk mobile hard disk box, how to partition a laptop?1Tina2012-03-13 01:20:32
I use the old book, PII550 , the OS is Win2K , USB 1.0 interface is the use of mobile hard drive enclosure ( USB interface ) 250 G hard drive space to expand on how to partition a laptop? What software? Steps How? Need help, thank you very much

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