Should we contribute more $ in some white history programs, such as the atlantic slave trade that isn't taught? related questions

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Should we contribute more $ in some white history programs, such as the atlantic slave trade that isn't taught?2swendy2012-09-22 14:05:03
Should we contribute more $ in some white history programs such as the slave trade in the Atlantic is not taught in school ? They teach about black slavery . I think it's time to teach about white slavery too. Remember , blacks had their hands in slavery before whites and whites were the ones who finished it . As a matter of fact, in Africa today, slavery is still practiced . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
Why is the Arab and black slave trade of white people never discussed in history classes?4islam2012-10-20 06:56:07
The slave trade lasted over 1000 years versus 300 years or that some Africans were enslaved. I say some because my Irish ancestors were slaves to the English during the period of African slavery call.
Did the Atlantic Slave trade exist?1Imar2012-08-11 09:36:02
1 . Where are these ships at ? They could of gone, had to be at least one. 2 . How do you build ? The construction of such vessels would be too complex at the time, was probably possible , but difficult. 3 . The trip lasted about 9 months , how can toxic waste slaves kill each other ? Teachers say that 3/4 died , but it took 9 months , how can one live 9 months surrounded by human waste ? You can not, is poison. 4 . No dramatic population decline in Africa today. 5 . He said these myths only to manipulate the Native Americans and blacks to make them feel bad and worthless? My theory - African and Native Americans coexisted in America. I have no clue about what Leif Ericson inflict on them the first time I went to America? Personally I think that is where the slaves came from the last ice age , where Native Americans and Africans migrated together. I think the Europeans defeated both keep them as slaves. Do you think this might be possible or am I totally wrong ? Yes , I 'm white and I do not think of myself as liberal , but curious .
What were the causes and the process of the expansion of the Atlantic Slave Trade from inception to end?0eco2012-07-29 00:38:02
I need to write a final paper based on the following topic; "Explain the causes and the process of the expansion of the Atlantic Slave Trade from its inception on the African continent in the 15th century to its complete operation across the West Indies, and the North and South American continents by the 18th century. " I would like any facts and/or sources that you can give me, as well as good ideas and oppinions. The most helpfull gets best answer.
What were the positive and negative effects of the Trans-atlantic Slave Trade?1Ariza2012-08-24 21:43:20
Were there positive effects of the Transatlantic Slave Trade at all? Thank you.
Did the U.S government and other European nations apologize for the Atlantic slave trade?3Lisa 1002012-08-09 08:21:42
Does the U.S. government and other European nations apologize for the slave trade in the Atlantic?
Does anyone mind if the Obama administration is getting payback for the Atlantic Black Slave Trade?2mmmm2012-09-02 19:00:02
i herd the rumors, i know what you sick Cons think, and nobody cares, they deserve a little justice on top of all that other justice. payback is what it may seem to be, others call it the 2nd coming of lenin and stalin, either way conservatives dropped the soap and Barack is in da house.
How did profits from the Atlantic Slave Trade contrubute to funding Brown University?0zackT2012-07-18 14:47:03
This question is for my project Ap Us Histroy . It's part of my final exams last semester , and need help to answer this question.
How come so many young whites accuse Africans of causing the Atlantic Slave Trade?0Carson2012-10-23 21:57:12
Whenever blacks complain of persistent negative affect slavery in the United States , there is a saying that springs guilty of his lips , " I never owned slaves , that was a long time , so you need to move on with her life. " Then drop the bomb : " Your ancestors sold your people, my ancestors bought them. " Pronounced these empty feelings without seeming to realize that the special privileges that have access to the results ultimately in the Slave horrible. Why try to evade their responsibility for trade ? Do not they know that their Holy Bible states , and their belief system hinges on the assumption that we need Jesus Christ to forgive all the sins committed by the first ancestors . If this is the case, then the children of slave owners will be held on account for the sins of their parents for the children of slaves . MedlinePlus Is that why many of them try to blame and accuse blacks of the cause of their own enslavement ?
Afro-Eurasia && The Atlantic System- History Question!!?0Chycaria2012-09-18 01:51:02
I have to write an essay format changeover time for my WHAP class and this is the message :: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Evidence of trade between cultures predates written records. Goods, people and ideas have spread through the African landmass Eurasia in varying amounts and regularity . A major change occurred between 100 BC and 1000 AD , which would usher in the modern Atlantic system and global trading network . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have to write about the changes and continuities in trading systems of Afro - Eurasia , from 100 BC to 1000 AD . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Where on Earth can find information about all this ? MedlinePlus I looked and looked and can not seem to find anything anywhere.
How long did the slave trade last and was there ever a final count of slave taken from Africa?0Stuck2012-07-25 04:44:02
How long did the slave past and was there ever a final count of the slaves taken from Africa ?
How much space did slave have on ships during the slave trade?0marianna2012-07-10 03:28:01
In class I remember mentions something about 8 inches or so, but not sure

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