Too young to remember the days before free agency, what was it like before? related questions

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Too young to remember the days before free agency, what was it like before?0lyssaa.(:2012-09-17 04:30:03
Are project teams player and control them forever , unless they negotiate ? If a player does not want to play for his team had just suck it up or fold ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In addition , there was some douche is spreading in contract seasons trying to get more money for the next contract ?
Has this CBA and free agency at such a young age killed the trade market for star players?0Joree2012-11-03 13:53:10
Inspired by Bob 's response to a previous question . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Given that the new CBA almost ensures a steady flow of high -end free agents under the age of 30 each year , is the foreign exchange market for star players to long term deals dry up? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Why would anyone operate outside their future talent , prospects and picks, to get a Lecavalier when there are so many good UFA 's out there ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Ottawa seems to be having the same problem with Heatley . no one seems willing to offer fair value when there is a big UFA 's out there . Yes Heatley is a great talent , but GM is thinking I'm a better team if I operate June 2 best strikers and a prospect or two for Heatley or should I keep my uncles and add a UFA that can not be Heatley caliber but with the UFA and continues I'm taking my two boys a better team ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thoughts ?
Now do investment agency, and free initial fee, free margin is that true?0Rroyd2012-07-10 03:22:02
They said the initial fee-free, free margin is that true?
Which renowned agency in India will give me stocktips trading days at nominal fee?0Smart Kid2012-09-23 01:55:03
I am a new stock investor who has suffered severe losses in derivatives trading in the Indian stock market in the past 3 months.Now want some independent agency / personal financial advisor to guide me . pl give me your phone / mobile number
Need help at the RB position, is free agency the best option?0Sam N.2012-09-09 03:12:02
My RBs are Addai , Gore , Smith KL MedlinePlus Washington . MedlinePlus Someone else in my league has Addai and Donald Brown could lose his job this year . In free agency there Forsett , coffee (if Gore wives ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Should Addai instead just pack with more ad trying to change for better RB ?
I'm looking for a no.2 TE in free agency and could be used as possible future trade bait.?03rd grade2012-10-02 10:48:02
The options are : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Tony Scheffler MedlinePlus Dante Rosario MedlinePlus Marcedes Lewis MedlinePlus Randy McMichael MedlinePlus Bo Scaife MedlinePlus Leonard Pope MedlinePlus Dustin Keller MedlinePlus Kevin Boss and MedlinePlus Robert Royal . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have Jason Witten as my # 1 . I would like a security blanket and catch a good tea while I can still . I have plenty of backup quality RB, WR and TE QB , but no. The new TE should be a useful commercial bait sometime in the future. My gut tells me that is nab Donte Rosario . What do you think I should do?
Do you believe Lebron when he says Cavs have the edge in free agency for him?3kaily2012-10-05 06:10:03
I believe that he is honest in this statement. Cavs only have to make two moves to probably win a ring next year or year after if they resign Lebron. Hire a great coach such as Byron Scott or Avery Johnson. Pull a sign and trade to get Bosh or Stoudemire in Cleveland. While I do believe Chicago has a great shot at Lebron through free agency and Bosh in a sign and trade, the main issue will be whether Lebron will want to be in MJ shadow and whether he and D. Rose will be able to coexist peacefully. Miami is a good option with D-Wade who is unselfish but then again, Miami is more in need of a scoring power forward and also a great defensive center since Beasley has been inconsistent and D-Wade is getting older. New York is a long-shot even with cap space, they have don't have a good point guard, great defensive center, and a great bench that will allow them even with Bosh and Lebron to get over Boston, Orlando, and Los Angeles. Nets is a good option but that requires them most likely signing Bosh, Stoudemire, or Johnson before Lebron signing.
Basketball: can someone explain how free agency works?1Keri Ann2012-09-12 10:14:05
I hear nicolas batum might get an offer from the twolves. And my understanding is that portland has 3 days to match that offer? Could they just trade him during that time?
Wholesale clothing trade / free agency sales1Troy2012-02-07 23:08:02
Wholesale clothing trade / free agency sales
NBA FREE AGENCY: Lakers automatic NBA Finals Champs with Nash?1Glamma2012-09-19 02:47:02
Well, It's a wrap! The seemingly quiet Lakers all during the Draft decide to take center stage in Free Agency by nabbing Steve Nash on the 4th of July. Q 1. Will the Nash + Bryant tandem equate to an AUTOMATIC 1st Championship Ring for Steve and Kobe (age 34 in Aug) FINALLY getting his "Mike 6" Ring? Q 2. With the Lakers showcasing Nash at the 1, Bryant at the 2, will this make the Lakers superior to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the West? Q 3. Will this be their permanent roster: 1 - Point Guard - Nash 2 - Shooting Guard - Bryant 3 - Small Forward - Artest 4 - Power Forward - Gasol 5 - Center - Bynum ....OR will there by further Sign & Trades that can alter the above? Q 4. The aforementioned automatically makes them superior to the Miami Champions Heat as they are presently* (*with no roster changes)?
Would we see the revival of the Pistons if they acquire LBJ in the Free Agency market looking ahead?1Evette Johnson2012-10-12 06:28:02
The Pistons are certainly remains one of the best in the East . They actually have cap flexibility after AI exchange . So if Lebron beckons with looking in the future, which would make a new top contenders as they were during the years of Larry Brown . I think LBJ despite not admit thinking of coming there on the outside, inside you can consider. Because remember that Elton Brand chose to sign with Philadelphia because he wanted a chance to fight , and big money . The Pistons have both of those assets right now.
Would this early Free Agency trade help the Cavaliers in their quest to keep Lebron happy?0kuno2012-09-08 05:38:02

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