The businessman that did not pay treasure asks first remittance reappearance goods, authentic? related questions

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The businessman that did not pay treasure asks first remittance reappearance goods, authentic?0rod2012-09-16 23:31:03
Want to buy a soy milk machine , comparing their petty gain 100 multivariate else , if only delivers first shipment of goods , dare to buy ? Give instructions please!
Alibaba is wholesale dress, the businessman wants remittance to just deliver goods, need not pay treasure, such buying is there safeguard?1Cliffor2012-05-27 19:35:48
Alibaba is to dress wholesale, the employer wants to offer only products remittances do not have to pay the treasury , the purchase of such is not guaranteed ?
Why to have the businessman that pays treasure, they do not support with pay treasure to trade, want to hit an ability to deliver goods first, such safety1proud. Juewen â¿´ -2012-01-28 02:35:03
I am about to buy a camera , a search of the employer who pays the treasury, but are not compatible with the payment of treasury to trade, want to hit the ability to deliver the goods in the first place , you can trust them, security
Sell a different idea to pay treasure, should first remittance or it is to pay the payment for goods of the half to just give deliver goods, can you believe?1Trenna2012-08-23 11:46:03
Selling a different idea of paying the treasury , remittances must first pay or is paying for the goods of the half to give only deliver goods , can you believe ?
Hit a paragraph to deliver goods safe? The businessman asks to make a money first1Ala2012-05-28 00:25:04
I do not want to be in 1688 things wholesale points, but not make a business requirementthat money can first ah sure? ?
Watch is other the place receives price 27, 6 yuan his, call me remittance, say small pay treasure to want revenue, should remittance?1Sabina2012-02-07 19:15:12
Watch is another place receives a prize 27, 6 yuan yours , call me remittances, for example, want to pay a small treasure of revenue, in case of remittances ?
Sell the home to join sincere letter to connect, need not pay treasure, goods is authentic.1liquid ice 2012-05-27 19:17:07
Sell ​​the house to join the heartfelt letter to connect , however , do not pay to pay, whether to buy the house that do not have to pay the treasury to pay, the products it sells the house is authentic.
If I collect payment for goods to the businessman, the businessman did not send money or goods does not accord with a standard how to do1Maj2012-09-07 08:37:03
If I paid for the goods that the businessman, the businessman did not send money or goods not consistent with a pattern of how to
Value a money recently but sell the home to be not accepted examine kinds or types of goods on the spot, and be new note hill before long date, asking how goods of prepaid deposit reappearance looks excuse me is cheater1Loui2012-03-04 19:02:02
Value of money recently , but selling the house will not be accepted for review the classes or types of products on site, and be the new note hill long before now, wondering how the assets of the prepaid return of deposit seems to excuse I is unfaithful
Sincere letter is connected sell the home, need not pay treasure. Want me to use a bank first remittance, safe?1Kid Lightning 2012-03-21 18:51:39
I think wholesale milk powder network, find a supply of goods to compare the mean gain . But the other side does not support payment of the treasury to pay. Should I deliver the goods after the first batch . I have fear of being deceived , request special counseling. Thank you !
How does the businessman that did not pay treasure and COD assure the shopping safety of consumer1Alle2012-02-16 01:44:13
The price of a product lot recently discovering Alibaba is low , can not pay the treasury does not have COD , whatever makes the money after the remittance first, I wonder how that can only guarantee my safety the purchase? If the businessman is authentic?
Do not support pay treasure, but can the businessman that sincere letter of Alibaba tells an user believe pass?1Odell2012-04-29 08:09:50
I'm in Alibaba ONR replenish stock , but the employer who manages a particular body says not to support the treasury to pay, let me earn money for his salary Zhang brand. The letter is sincere Alibaba says a user, I do not believe what happens excuse me ?

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