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Long-term Stock buying Question?1Brydley2012-09-18 04:46:05
I would buy 100-200 shares of a particular stock ( I have already taken , so I do not need suggestions ) and then sit in this population of about 20-30 years. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What is the most cost effective way to achieve this, as there will be negotiations and do not want to be paying a fee for a brokeridge or an online account that I use? ? ?
What is the most tax efficient way to own stock in Canada? I plan on both short term and long term trading.?1Danielle Stacey2012-09-15 15:18:04
Currently earns about 50 g is the earned income of shit. I can operate with two pools of money, my risk capital for short- term and safe my money for the long term stays . I have an RRSP contributions and max . Sometimes I use to own the shares. From time to time want to sell shares for me to use my capital gains to buy nice things. Finally I would like to live off the income from stock trading . How I can pay myself more and nothing less than the government of my capital gains ? Please help . Thank you.
What stock system is good to use today for long term or short term trading.?1pachi2012-09-08 19:42:02
What value system is good to use today to trade long term or short term . ?
What is the best way to make money investing in the stock market? Short term,Long term, day trading....?3Terryil2012-11-03 07:02:02
What is the best way to invest money in the stock market ? In the short term, long term , day trading .... ?
Intraday trading in stock market is taxed as short term or long term capital gains ? please help?2Bryna2015-07-14 02:27:44
Intraday trading in the stock market is taxed as short or long term capital gains long term? please help ?
How can I invest in long term stock..?1Be2012-10-09 03:37:02
Not interested in the day to day trading . What are good companies to invest in if you are a poor man like me , but would like to invest some . MedlinePlus How I can read the investment portfolio ? MedlinePlus Someone that I can help save a buck or two .. MedlinePlus manfreeme
Can I repurchase or buy back the same stock for long term?0Imear2012-09-02 08:47:03
HI MedlinePlus Can someone please tell me if it's okay to buy back the same shares sold within 31 days and keep it for a long time ? CTIC bought in March 2009 and sold it and then bought it back within 31 days. I was negotiating this population so far and always within 31 days. So .... If I buy this stock once again and carry over to next year , how long do I have to keep this stock to consider it as a long term investment , because I bought this stock for the first time in March 2009 and I have some capital gain in this population . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks MedlinePlus Eddie
Which online stock broker is the cheapest for a long-term investor in Canada?0steph2012-08-22 11:03:02
I make less than 30 trades per quarter , but the volume would be more than 1000 shares . I am in Canada and want to invest in Toronto and New York stock market. I only know
I want to invest in shares.will not do intra day trading.short term and long term buy sell only.which is the b2Reisha2012-09-04 23:48:03
est internet portal to invest throuh ?
Prepare journal entries to record the following transactions involving both the short-term and long-term inves?0immanuel2012-07-22 04:17:02
Prepare journal entries to record the following transactions involving both the short-term and long-term investments of Corveau Corp., all of which occurred during calendar year 2009. Use the account Short-Term Investments for any transactions that you determine are short term. a. On February 15, paid $100,000 cash to purchase Anthem's 90-day short-term notes at par, which are dated February 15 and pay 6% interest (classified as held-to-maturity). b. On March 22, bought 600 shares of Frain Industries common stock at $43 cash per share plus a $140 brokerage fee (classified as long-term available-for-sale securities). c. On May 15, received a check from Anthem in payment of the principal and 90 days' interest on the notes purchased in transaction a. d. On July 30, paid $30,000 cash to purchase Moto Electronics' 5% notes at par, dated July 30, 2009, and maturing on January 30, 2010 (classified as trading securities). e. On September 1, received a $0.40 per share cash dividend on the Frain Industries common stock purchased in transaction b. f. On October 8, sold 300 shares of Frain Industries common stock for $49 cash per share, less a $120 brokerage fee. g. On October 30, received a check from Moto Electronics for three months' interest on the notes purchased in transaction d. (Use a 360-day year and average of 30-day months for interest calculations. Omit the "$" sign in your response.) Date General Journal Debit Credit a. Feb. 15 Short-Term Investments-HTM 100,000 Cash 100,000 b. Mar. 22 Long-Term Investments-AFS 25,940 Cash 25,940 c. May 15 n/r 6,000 n/r n/r d. July 30 n/r 100,000 n/r n/r e. Sept. 1 n/r n/r n/r n/r f. Oct. 8 n/r n/r n/r n/r g. Oct. 30 n/r n/r
Want to invest in rei agro ltd. for long time of 1 year or short term of 1-2 week & best stock to trade/invest?0Hannie2012-11-02 16:55:54
What are the words used in Demat account for day trading? for short term trades?long term trades? please can?0stuckinmath2012-08-03 06:30:02
please can some one guide operation of Demat account

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