Scottrade, etrade, schwab, or vanguard which is the most straightforward and best to invest with? related questions

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Scottrade, etrade, schwab, or vanguard which is the most straightforward and best to invest with?0JESSICA*********HELLLPPP!!!2012-09-16 12:43:03
I am looking to invest and want to know which company is cheaper and less hidden costs to invest. I'm looking longer term and not day trade . I probably would invest in about 3 or 4 investments or about 2,000 per month in different companies . If you can help that would be awesome . thanks
Which Roth IRA account should I open? Etrade or Vanguard?0Bert2012-10-08 05:38:39
I have 26 years and have no experience with trade / investment. Would it be better for me to open a Roth IRA with Etrade or Vanguard , assuming I do not I'm not familiar with trading / brokerage .
Investing: switching from Charles Schwab to Scottrade?1Akram2012-09-25 13:31:02
I've been buying and selling shares with Charles Schwab for a few months now and I've been thinking about switching to Scottrade because they have a cheaper trading fee . Charles Schwab 's fee is ridiculously high and yet I do not use most of the additional customer services they offer. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When I looked at the Scottrade website said something about you can easily transfer all assets and information from another broker to a new Scottrade account . Is this possible , and if so , how much would it cost? Is it better to transfer information from one broker to another , or is simply easier to cancel everything with a broker and start a whole new account with a broker -zero ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Has anyone done this before?
I want to rollover several old 401k accounts into 1 IRA (e.g., vanguard, fidelity, scottrade), which is best?0srishti2012-08-19 15:03:03
I have several old accounts of my former employers 401k with Vanguard and Fidelity . My money in these accounts is primarily invested in Vanguard mutual funds , T.Rowe Price . I want to consolidate my 401k rollover into account one , but not sure what will be the best seller IRA ? I 'm debating between: Vanguard , Fidelity , Scottrade , Sharebuilder . I usually only invest in mutual funds . Please advise on how I should make the decision to b / w these accounts and what are the advantages and disadvantages ?
Should I use Scottrade or etrade?0DAINE2012-10-22 15:53:52
I will be an active trader trading several hundred shares at a time , at least once a week . What are the pros and cons of both Scottrade and eTrade , and what do you recommend ?
Can I open an ETrade account while I have scottrade?0payment plan2012-11-05 03:32:07
Is it possible to open two have to account to trade stocks with? I currently have scottrade but am looking to also up an etrade account because some stocks are restricted within scottrade?
Which Stock investing Software should I use- Etrade, Scottrade ect...?2Stressed Out in MO2012-09-08 18:57:02
I want to enter the trade , but what software should I use ? Give me the pros and cons , please !
How does Scottrade or Etrade pay you on profit you make on stock trades?0Mykmoloko2012-10-06 00:56:57
I'm new to this, so let's say for instance I do $ 1,000 gain on the sale of a stock , how to pay me, I can simply ask for the money in my Scottrade account be transferred to my regular checking account ? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated , thanks !
Just opened a Roth IRA with Etrade. What should I invest in?0Delneisha2012-10-07 16:57:43
I have 19 years and I'm trying to get an early start on securing my financial future . I just opened a Roth IRA with Etrade and I have no idea what exactly to invest my money within IRA . I also opened a regular trading account to buy and sell shares . What do I do now ? This new world to me and I'm trying to acclimate myself to the investment. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated . Thank you.
Should i try to invest in chinas stock market if i can? if so can i do it thrugh scottrade?0kl2012-09-06 10:27:06
Currently I am trying to be polite to test the market and I'm watching this show on CCTC and are talking about the chineese market . I guess I should be ready to start trading in 1-3 months . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus oh also could you give me some sources for study. sofar I have 2 books and Yahoo Finance
Straightforward Options play.........?0Andraline2012-10-22 09:54:07
Say you wanted to use the options to replace beta too high for the underlying operations to swing . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus No luxury spreads , iron condors , saddles , combination , etc. . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus For example , on a regular basis , if XYZ stock I expect to be bullish for the next 48 hours , I will buy some calls naked etc. MedlinePlus Based on this, it is usually sufficient to simply go for the most liquid options ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Actually , no need to go for more / undervalued options correct ?
CBD gummies are one of the most straightforward ways to take CBD.0ccoralbd32022-03-23 22:11:18
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