PLEASE ANSWER: Taking time off before grad school to learn a trade. Good move or stupid mistake? related questions

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PLEASE ANSWER: Taking time off before grad school to learn a trade. Good move or stupid mistake?1Matteo2012-10-20 11:16:57
So, I'm about to graduate with an education degree in May , however , as most teaching jobs are nonexistent these days and I have really wanted to go to graduate school (and be able to afford to do so) , I'm thinking of taking a year off to pursue a degree in cosmetology . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is it a smart move ? I'd like to hear from anyone who has been in a similar situation .
Stupid car buying mistake. is this a good solution?0Marvlyn2012-08-21 02:39:02
The other day I switched on my 2-door coupe for a SUV . My payments went up $ 20 , but I only realized that stretched about 72 months. I was aware of being upside down and should have listened to my intellect more than my emotions , but I wanted a bigger car for work . MedlinePlus They scheduled my payment of $ 362 for 72 months ... I like this new car , but not the car you want to keep forever . Buyers remorse lol 1000 times . MedlinePlus My new plan is $ 433 for 36 months also add in 2000 dollars during that cycle . MedlinePlus In 36 months time I will have had less than the car is worth . Then I'll do homework and financing a car I want to keep a shutdown in a credit union to get a low interest rate , because I have great credit. MedlinePlus Anyone who has had the same experience or knowledge agree that this is a good way to tackle the problem ? I learned a great lesson from this great lol . thank you
Ask you: Which license Zhaotong learn some good driving school, tuition and learning about how much time?0kg2012-07-23 10:59:02
Ask you: Which license Zhaotong learn some good driving school, tuition and learning about how much time?
Is a "Human Studies" college graduate with zero skills worth more than a highly skilled trade school grad?2chimpanzee2012-07-21 20:05:02
BQ: Should everybody go to college, as we are lectured by leftists?
Do i have a shot at an ivy league grad school?2malna2012-09-25 05:00:02
I'm from Canada and not too familiar with the U.S. school system , but I was wondering about my chances of getting into an Ivy League college for a master's degree in human rights or international relations? He graduated Summa *** with an average of 9.2/10 , equivalent to 3.7 to 3.9 , depending on how it is calculated. I was involved in a school club , has an article on non- academic as published and have completed five practices (3 practices of government , one in editing articles on financial systems , one in human resource policy and in international trade ; 1 in a human rights NGO based in South Africa, and 1 child rights with an international NGO here in Canada). I also worked for Canadian non-governmental organization for the past two years and volunteered at an orphanage in Ghana, by UNICEF Canada and a local political party . I do not know my teachers very well, but could get letters of recommendations from them okay (at least one kind of a teacher who knows ) and I know that I would get the good of my former employers. The GRE math problem is still stump me and I can not get above 600 on the practice tests I've done. My verbal and writing is solid, but I have not been tested in practice yet. Any guidance / opinion would be greatly appreciated ! Thank you !
Which stock should I invest right now? Market is taking a beating. Good time to Enter.?1Pheobe012012-09-25 20:40:10
I have $ 1,500 and want to invest immediately. What do you think is the best stock to invest . I am apprehensive about oil stokcs since most of them are trading at all time high. Would you like to invest in the short term.
Go to driving school to learn to drive, generally to learn how long? Driver's license at the end of the study to test it? Good test it?0Mr Buckley9162012-07-15 01:08:02
Go to driving school to learn to drive, generally to learn how long? Driver's license at the end of the study to test it? Good test it?
Task column cannot move the lowermost after my computer switchs on the mobile phone to did not answer the thing that presses a desktop to await the 10 programs that before just moving in a few minutes, press all the time1Hikaru which you put っ → 2012-02-26 20:28:50
The column of tasks can not move lower after my PC switches on the mobile phone for not responding to the press of a desk waiting for the 10 programs before moving in only a few minutes, pressing all the time
Is anyone tired of the empty phrases and stupid speeches about "taking back America"?2Keen2012-09-19 22:02:02
when there is a real shortage of conversation about how to get work again ? All Republican candidates failed to launch an economic plan . Most of them focused on presidential search and other superficial qualities . Someone should have asked - What will you do to address the trade deficit with China ? How will we rebuild our infrastructure for the future economy ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus That's why I'm sick of Republican politicians . Never give details , they are just there to give smiles for camera. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and this point has never been made more evident by all the empty suits on stage .
What's the best time do look for a job when you in a trade school full time?0Tarkan2012-09-25 17:51:02
I have 22 years of Brooklyn New York and I go to a vocational school full time in the morning from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm , but I want to look for a job part time job and I have no experience.I m ' interested in service customer who works in a hotel and my idea is to search the web and contact them by phone and going person.I guess my only option is at night that could work what is the best time to start looking ? too late to find now will be like 19:00
Can i get unemployment if i go bake to school for ged and to learn a new trade. ?0TAYO2012-10-25 15:52:52
if not how em i supposed to support my family without leaving a lot of loans i can not pay back is my only option to get out of debt , even more than I already em .
Where can I learn how to trade options in a school-type setting?0....help2012-09-07 08:21:03
I've seen web sites based on , but I need a teacher , so you can ask questions . I need assignments and tests , so I know if I am learning . I need instructions for the slow learner .

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