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Steam Trade? I will take a cheap game.... If i like it!?0payden hendon2012-09-16 03:33:04
I have Metro 2033 does not work on my team . I would like to operate the game by a $ 20 game . The following list contains all the games you want , but if I can take another look and perhaps want . I especially like FPS . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My Wishlist: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. Portal 2 MedlinePlus 2. Half Life 2 Episode 2 3. Half Life 2 Episode 1 4. MedlinePlus weapon 5. FPS! I like the classics MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My favorites: MedlinePlus Half Life 2 MedlinePlus Return to Castle Wolfenstein MedlinePlus Kingpin : Life of Crime
Can I trade my GameStop gift card code for a steam game?0사람이나 사물2012-07-25 18:52:02
I want to buy Fallout:New Vegas I tried buying it at GameStop and bestbuy but both were ethier sold out or didn't sell them anymore so I bought a GameStop gift card for 20 dollars but i just found out it dosent work on steam so can I transfer my GameStop gift card into steam?
Will anyone trade a Counter strike Global offensive key for a copy of the game Portal? Add me on steam: http:/?1shakiela2022-05-23 19:47:03
Add me on steam : and you can get Portal
Selling game WoW and rs and Steam account?0abeer2012-10-04 11:49:19
Hi I have a lvl 70 troll rogue blodo with some awesome gear and guild , friends in the burning legion pvp ( maxed pop ) server and a lvl 60 druid on the same account ( ally ) on another server I am also selling a lvl 62 runecspae has some things and ACCOOUNT soruce steam counter strike counter strike counter strike 1.6 counter strike zero zero codtion codition deledted garys mod half life scene life 1 hafl two days of defeat defeaet 2 day 1 and please leave some ofthers your email so that you can contact or arrange a trade Cann becuase I'm looking for a new computer with 1 g ram and 3.0 ghz + if you have this, then maybe we can talk about a trade
Can you send a game on Steam as a gift, even if it is not tradable?0Kabul2012-08-09 09:02:42
I have received Operation Flashpoint : Dragon Rising, as a reward for achievement on Steam . However, he says that my Steam account must be in good condition for at least 30 days (although I've had for 2 or 3 years) before you can change it. It seems as if it can be sent as a gift , however. Is this correct ?
Steam trading 3 coal game* blocks that matter and some %50 vouches?0Laughter2012-10-16 19:21:35
MedlinePlus altitude -50% Killing Floor - 50 % MedlinePlus killing floor 2 day pass MedlinePlus any Valve game - 50 % MedlinePlus Someone wants to change for a game or something ? MedlinePlus wirte what you want and what you are willing to negotiate below
Steam Trading! $50.00 on Steam Wallet! Any Offers?0Yukito2012-07-13 04:17:02
Ok so, have $50.00 on my Steam Wallet and am currently offering any amount for Steam games. And yes, this is completely legit and safe, and legal too. It's through Steam's Trade system. So basically, wanna trade any game? I am looking to make some benefit, so I will NOT buy at full price. Things I would buy INSTANTLY are: Ys Origins DMC4 Darksiders SR3 KoA: Reckoning Battlefield 2: Bad Company And of course, make good offers! :)
Where can i get a cheap Dark Paladin? (yugioh) like real cheap. Or trade? (it's an option)?0 불가산명사 2012-11-02 21:29:07
Ill trade my steam account with HALF-LIFE 2 and CS:Source for your HALF-LIFE 1 steam account?0Jameson2012-09-12 23:27:03
email me at fn.9 @ my computer can not run halflife 2, and plz ty
Looking to trade a steam account.?0samavi2012-09-26 20:20:03
Ok , basically , I've got CSS and CS1.6 on it , and if you are a member right here, I'm willing to go first. MedlinePlus Im not cheating , please leave your msn if interested .
Steam Account trade gone bad :'(?0Merl2012-09-18 01:44:04
Uh oh , I think I changed my Steam account for a fucking good one, ummmm is like this, I got sick of a game and that was the first day back at school and I was feeling generous and my partner just got his account disabled to accept a gift pass that was false , so I decided to help and change my good for CRAP , but we are very close and I really want my account back , I made a huge mistake , and at the time I had a pain enormous head and did not feel right . PLZ HELP, and says an operation is irreversible : ' (
Steam + Uplay accounts trade?0Anna2012-07-23 09:02:02
I wanna trade my steam account with The orange box (Half life 2, episode 1, episode 2, portal, tf2,), saints row 2 and velvet assassin and my uplay account with assassin's creed brotherhood (you can download the game illegally then use the account I will give you then play online), all I want in return is portal 2 or counter strike source.... so send me a message on facebook if you're interested facebookdotcom/Constantine.Powa

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