Should the other developed countries provide financial aid for the United States to metricate?

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One of the main arguments against the metric system in the U.S. is the cost of once. You see , America is a nation extremely fiscally conservative , and with the emergence of the Tea Party is doing , will continue in the future . So naturally , the United States will not raise taxes or the deficit by 1 cent to metricate , although there are economic benefits to the metric system . But , like many Americans I ensure that cost is the only thing holding back from metricating . They agree with the benefits , but do not agree that any taxpayer money is spent in the process . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Unfortunately for other developed countries , it is also bad for them , because the U.S. failure to metricate makes it more difficult to trade with the big market is the United States. To resolve this impasse , it seems that there is a solution : A group of developed countries to come together and offer a package of financial assistance to the United States for metricate . That should overcome all opposition in the United States and eventually lead to a restoration of trade and economic benefits for all. If financial assistance is not provided , I fear that the United States can never metricate , and the economic benefits that never materialized.
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