I'm burning with ambition, is this possible?

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Asked at 2012-09-14 22:54:06
Ofd Firstly , I'm about 15. After reading stories of why and how the World Trade Center was built , and after witnessing the tragic collapse , I would like to help re- build twin towers (note the lower case) , both to reflect on the innocent lives lost in the 11 - , and to show the world anti - western that is not afraid to build skyscrapers . I've been through too much evidence to conclude that September 11 was planned not only by a terrorist group in a cave in the Middle East . I want to rebuild the twin towers that look like the Twin Towers because of the original Twin Towers represented , but were a representation that , while the United States faces difficult times often , the towers were something comforting and gave a sense of confidence in our future Americans . I know that in order to do any of this , you would need a lot , a lot , a lot of years of engineering experience architecural , I would need a lot of money , and not least, require the approval of a city to construct , to be surprisingly difficult to obtain. I feel I have been called to do this ...
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try to get qualifications for building and see if you still want to when your a bit older
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