Can one use TDAmeritrde's stock account to trade stock option? related questions

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Can one use TDAmeritrde's stock account to trade stock option?0Jaynika2012-09-14 22:37:06
I have read several books on options except option trading manual library . I understood all strategies except there is no how . None gave a clear idea in hand -ON . I trade stocks and currencies. Thanks in advance .
A stock option is on February, May, August, and Nov cycle. What option trade on (a) April 1 and (b) May 30?1Ashfia2012-08-29 14:38:13
Can NRI trade in nifty future, stock future and Option trading on intraday basis in indian stock?0Beau2012-07-15 07:46:02
i am in UAE. having a trading account
How to set up shared ownership in a stock option trading account?0DAVID CARSON2012-08-22 00:41:02
What is the best way to establish ownership of my share of the equity trading account sharing option? I invested the funds in an account that a friend is operating in an account that you have set . ( He has a lot more of their own funds in there than mine , mine I just added to the pot . ) Is there a contract out there that you can reference and measure our own terms ? I want to be able to claim ownership of the asset , and handed it to my wife if something happened to me. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ** Please no answers like " Do not do business with friends ." I'm just looking for suggestions for the best way to do this , or other situations that are similar . Thank you.
I'm looking for a stock trading account, with low flat fees, and fast transactions. I am an option user.?0Mongolia2012-07-09 15:53:04
What do you recommend?
Is there any way i can trade a stock and a call option at the same time for example?0Elro2012-10-09 08:57:08
I want to buy and sell the covered call msft while MedlinePlus Is this possible ? MedlinePlus similar to how an agent takes a call spread or put spread , but I 'm buying the stock from MedlinePlus What brokers let me do this?
What is the best DOW stock option expiring in January 2007 to trade ?0samm2012-09-18 01:52:03
The choice could be called, sale or any combination thereof
How to trade in future & forward & option trading in india stock market?0rency2012-10-06 09:17:23
How to trade in the future and forward and option trading in India market?
Silly poll for stock and option traders: What trade do you recall working out for you the best?1DONIA2018-09-04 00:14:49
Not necessarily the one who made the most money or the highest return rate , but where everything went as it had want ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My favorite was U.S. Cell 1999. USM was not a rocket, but had been moving steadily higher before I bought it and continued up to about the same speed . I was able to move my stop pretty tight a week or so. As he approached a double began to move faster, which was a blessing for me , because higher volatility increases the chance of being left out . I had a double room on the paper , but then the stock shot and let me out . It was very fast double again , but never returned , and then crashed a few months before the general decline began . I had some other double and almost - but never one so quickly and smoothly.
I want to learn all about stock option,including strategies, the risk, analysis, how to trade etc?1Rodolfo2012-11-06 09:21:02
I know nothing about stock options , but I'm really interesting in this. I found a lot of seminars featuring how to obtain high profits of stock options and how successful people share option . Could you share what the risks and benefits of entering the stock options market ? As analysis? How to manage the risk ? And what is the strategy? How to negotiate and step into this market ? What are the tools ? What is the difference between the usual stock market ? thank you very much
Suppose you purchase a call option on a stock. the strike price is $75 and the option contract costs $3. what?0Mile2012-08-25 01:09:19
is the total gain (loss ) in dollars if the trading price of the stock is : MedlinePlus one . B $ 50 . C $ 60. $ 70 d . E $ 72. $ 75 f . G $ 78. H $ 80. $ 85
Today, Buy stock X; Buy stock X; Sell all of stock X; How many day trade does this make? at IB 1, at WIKI 2?!?0rijula2012-08-05 19:26:02
Today, buying shares of 10 X 10 X Sale of shares , purchase shares of 10 X 10 X Sale of shares , how many daily operations do they do? The number of shares that must be resolved at the end of the day is only 10 for the runner, if free cash acnt -riding is a concern. Also, is 1-2 daytrade more risky compared to infrequent as 30 trades daytrades purchase 20 shops selling Monday and Tuesday?

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