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How long time do you work in a day?0Tiana2012-09-14 17:54:03
i am Japanese. I was born in Tokyo and works in Tokyo now . my work environment is not good . because working time is very long , 9 hours. but is short in Japan , my costomer a trading company and the banking company , your job employeer from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. daily . I think Japan is the country hopless . I have to emigrate to the U.S. or another country ?
I work for a long time here the boss does not increase wage to me, put forward abdication not to give again batch, how should I do?1buffalo2012-01-11 17:40:11
I work for a long time here in the serious work is a praise leader , act of bad things to raise wages , I can be me, ,
After applying the four group members are dissolved in it to wait a long time to go to apply for the second time it?0Wella2012-07-02 23:18:02
After applying the four members of the group dissolved in it to wait a long time to go to apply for the second time?
Nokia 6630 and 7360 which bide one's time is time long? Sexual price is compared tall0kendall2012-07-07 02:52:02
Nokia 6630 and 7360 which waiting time is a long time? Sexual price compared height
I am on-the-job go to work, time going to work is free, consider little investment, what does the part-time job do best2Losa2012-11-05 19:49:02
Have not been here a long time!0leess2012-08-29 00:59:03
Have not been here a long time! It is long since I came here , how cool .
Long time no news from you,how r u ?2Bisho2011-12-23 05:49:58
Can you do your own electric work, as long as a qualified electrician checks the work?0Anonmymous2012-10-26 10:38:33
I wonder , I've heard a rumor that if you do your own electrical work , and get a qualified electrician to check , then that is perfectly legal . I wonder if in the future I should do that instead of doing a course in domestic electricity at night school . Whenever I can find the right knowledge about electricity , without going to college. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It is also the same for plumbing ? and other trades ?
History of life a long time ago?0 â–„ $ uo bone charm and India -2012-07-12 03:55:01
i'm writing a book about a girl who was born over five thousand years ago, i just need some facts, order of events, living conditions, etc. at the moment i am hard at work researching every little bit of history i can, but it's hard to find some things, i was more hoping for personal opinions, like, how would think living so long ago would be? how were villages set up, etc. i'm looking for things after the 5000 years ago mark, but not to far. i need lots of stuff, such as how trading was set up, how was time measured, what countries were flourishing, how housing was set up, technology, tools, the way of life, i need some info on how you think those aspects would progress from 3000 bc to the middle ages. i just want you to tell me how you see (or how you know) society grew over that time period. also, how government was set up, when government was created, the first calendar, what people were famous back then, law enforcement, what laws. i need to know enough so i can write the story of a girl going through all of these time frames and have it sound realistic and reasonable to the mind. like i said, i don't need cold hard facts, and i don't need everything there is to know, just how you would imagine it, clothing you think would exist, etc. she travels all over europe and asia, so mostly facts from that side of the world. i know this is a really long question, and a very complicated one, but i do hope to get some info. thanks so much!
Inquiry,long time no news from you,how r u ?1Rockinafreakopotomus 2012-07-04 02:58:02
Long time no questions for me , why? A little crazy ! Tell me why it is more ok.No emal research make us confuse, and no research that I disappointed.Begging more than one answer ...
How can I get honest and a long time costomers4Aubre2012-02-19 23:42:11
I am a new trade sales.Our factory outlet , the number of inspection lamp, extension cord series , Cable series boot , and so on.Everyday , I can show our products on website but I answer some wholesalers. Todey , I have no costomer . Who can tell me : What sould I can do . MSN: [email protected]
How long is the suitable time to contact client?1say,,, 2012-08-08 16:32:01
I think it must be confused about it many times .

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