What do the Blue Jay's need to do before next season?

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Honestly , I want them all out and start over . I'm a big fan , but tired of this endless "next season " garbage . When the highlight of recent times is " finishing second in their division and missed the playoffs for the time being " , that's bad . They have found some young arms to ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I think you should : MedlinePlus Get a new manager , Gibbons takes some amazingly stupid decisions . MedlinePlus Find a diary , vocal leader , established ... someone like Varitek , not necessarily the best player, but consistent . Halladay is supposedly the leader , but he is not a talker and is only there every fifth day ... at best.
Glaus trade for another bat , not necessarily as big , but more consistent .
No doubt , hire a new hitting coach ... he must be the culprit of many players falling many times right? MedlinePlus Getting players to eat your vegetables so they do not hurt too much can help . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Johnson , Overbay , Rios , Wells , third base , Thomas Hill , Catcher , McDonald . Potentially a good sign ... better than 500 anyway

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