See also respect the version of White Lion, according to the endless ecstasy

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I took a white lion has for a month, and there are plenty of things not Zhuomo Tou, long ago, when visiting the jar, it seems that the man showed his white lions to be honest, it really is beautiful, but honestly, I think my style is not inferior to his white lion, which can be psychological, as when the mother of all, you always feel that your child is the most beautiful. White Lion is the first time in my life, books, car, driver took five years, and now officially have their own privacy is an issue, so start a little alarmed, after all, do not worry what road, accidentally road became a murderer, he lost his wife not to bad, until now, every day, and will be in the yard and I thought the road car, but once I was not careful, the DOA estimation errors, fought against the wheel of the car almost hit a roadside flower bed in the brakes very well, but fortunately, the Lions, this escaped unharmed. But I know that fish has always been inseparable from that of water, my car is always in the way, and now almost at hand test, the time until the heat enough, almost on the road to be independent. (Now, in general, traveling, having my brother in the next monitoring) early on the road, riding through the streets! ! ! ! This is what the lion looks white, noble come. Or another reason, he said that the face has the qualifications ecstasy! The dear friend who is a white lion or pretty, but can be the difference between the visual standpoint, I still think my white lion is still some charm ... ... looks like a baby face, ha, ha! White Lion is a charming, either party may make ecstasy. Lion of charm to the headlights of the eyes, and feel you have been charged yet? Hey, are not found in the leaves of power, a power to electricity, you! Ear, and hear, even the type of ears and it is the taste! Well, outside to inside, but comfortable enough for him! In the last picture here, sales people with their eyes is ecstasy. With eyes. Is the ecstasy and the vision.
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With eyes. Is the ecstasy and the vision .
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