What products pakistan can import and export from SAFTA countries? related questions

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What products pakistan can import and export from SAFTA countries?1molisa2012-09-13 20:17:01
I want to know about the total exports and imports under SAFTA countries that Pakistan can import and export ? please help me in this regard and suggest me best available sites.and alos tell me what their terms and conditions of trade .
Guidance regarding set up of an import and export trading of engineering products.?0jowy2012-07-10 18:37:02
I would create a small trading company dealing with my own import and export of engineering products . The main idea would be to source products for end users in India from abroad and domestic products for export to countries outside . Who do I contact and what are the prerequisites to get started?
Can a private limited company start import and export business without any export import licence in india.?3abd2016-06-06 20:30:54
make a limited company and we intend to start importing goods from Malaysia for trading purposes , now that we are registered as a limited liability company does not require a license for the import of goods saperately .
Hebei Import & Export Co., Ltd. Questions? Products have been urging me to sign the contract in the past,1mehak2012-07-28 15:47:02
Before I saw them in the network Qiugou bamboo products, after the contact, but also to the samples confirmed that the sample confirmed after the can, and called me later signed a contract to bring documents to Shijiazhuang, the profit is not very good, also the number of , but this product network Qiugou and reality which many people do exist?
Why are some countries in India and Pakistan, people will ride the train car to climb the roof? Their countries do not have the regulations? The problem of traffic laws1Murra2012-05-04 07:28:07
Why are some countries in India and Pakistan , people will ride the train car to raise the roof? Their countries have no regulations? The problem of traffic laws
What i can export on general trading licence in Pakistan?0Summer2012-07-21 03:28:02
I want to know, that my adviser told me that if i get general trade license & NTN for same so i can export & import anything in Pakistan. So i want to know that is it true or not, i have to mention activities in license or not ?
The United States is the world's output of agricultural products than any other country why the coffee, cocoa, natural rubber and other tropical agricultural products need to import large quantities?1Lesley2012-03-12 00:38:57
Jiji Ji ! ! ! ! !
****import, export****?0Dicky2012-07-28 06:51:03
Explain the use of International Trade terms and give at lease some examples to back up your explanation. Why does the Import/Export business use these terms along with other industry terminology?
Anyone know anything about Trade,? Import Export?0Carry2012-09-10 09:56:03
Hello , I need to know I'm looking for ideas on how to be an exporter from a potentialy good position I am now. I come to China and about 5 months ago from northern Africa. My purpose in coming here was to study short time , but now I see all the products that are being exported to almost all African countries through this medium vitualy are porcelain and see where you go and sold half price quarter sometimes people buy in North Africa. Everthing electronics , automobiles , building materials , appliances , producs Feminin , toys, clothes .... whatever. I'm looking for a huge potential here . Most people fom North Africa do not even come here , import the products re - Sallers . MedlinePlus So, my question is that , considering the fact that I know how to send the goods to myself ( Trust me ) MedlinePlus What is the best way to start exporting to the nations ? MedlinePlus What do I know about being an exporter ? MedlinePlus How I can find a company Sallers in these countries to work with me ? MedlinePlus I reflect on the design of a website ( easyto do on my list ) to desplay all images and specifications that I sell with my best offeres mentioned to attract wholesalers with Arabic
How much do you know about Import/Export Alphabets?1NEG 2012-09-08 17:23:02
How much do you know about trade with foreigners ? MedlinePlus Tariffs , Proforma / Invoice , transportation costs , L / C , business cards, and negotiations ....
How do you get started in wholesale import/export?0coy2012-07-30 09:53:57
I wanted to trade any goods but it seems hard to lift up my feet and jump into the wholesale market as the the competition is pretty tough out there. So I wanted to know how do I get started?
HOW TO START IMPORT/EXPORT BUSINESS?0 Attitude can not replicate ▃ ▁2012-07-28 20:51:02
and I have a general trade license in Dubai, which allows me to import / export. However, I do not know where to start since I am a beginner. is the person who can help so that both benefit? Dubai is the hub that connects the east to the west, I know I'm in a great position , but I have no idea where to start? I know I should begin by choosing a product to sell first, but how to choose which product would be good to start with?

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