legitamte bath salt suppliers

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legitamte suppliers of bath salt
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I would not trust any seller from Cameroon. Above all , do not salt bath dealers , Mr. David Amber. I was stupid enough to believe that the reason we do not use PayPal because they do not exist in your country. After he agreed if I sent half the money to send the order and after I emailed twice a day I finally sent the money . Now I will send it back. The last time I spoke to told me that he has no money to pay me and no insurance costs and the fees they say they can not cover . We're not talking about a lot of money a little more than a hundred. I want people to know that these scammers. Now there is no security deposit paypal free and if not used by companies is likely to try to scam you for any money you give . I will not send another dollar to a company that just two days after sending my money says he has no money to pay me, or pay a nominal fee . I'll take this as a loss, but I hope others do not make the same mistake. < / P >

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