12 person standard league. Smart to trade the 2nd pick for the 12th? related questions

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12 person standard league. Smart to trade the 2nd pick for the 12th?0Sha Sha2012-09-12 03:21:04
Assuming AP goes first , I think there are too many questions about who should make the selection after the second form in the preseason has played out . I feel a bit that is a crapshoot with a lot of potential drawbacks to all options , where the pick 12 that could have much more flexibility with back to back picks and good choices all the way through the draft . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Agree? Disagree ? Reviews ?
Keeper league future pick trade value?1vicuna2012-11-05 06:09:03
I was offered a second SUV bradshaw future in a league goalkeeper. A team of 12 ppr and keep 3 players and lose the round they were drafted in the last round or if it were a free agent . Having got Bradshaw in the 3rd round , I'd probably have it as I have much better values ​​. I have Montario Hardesty on the bench , but I worry what will happen when Hillis returns . Clearly, the future is hard to have an additional selection second round but im 5-2 and in 3rd place with a great shot to win the league . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here are my entries and the rounds would maintain. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It's a QB , WR 3 , 2 RB , 1 WR / TE , 1 WR / RB . My WRs bet ive been starting 5 wrs . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Vick (2) MedlinePlus Nicks (2) ( BUREAU ) MedlinePlus White (2) ( BUREAU ) MedlinePlus Maclain (5) ( BUREAU ) MedlinePlus Bradshaw (3) MedlinePlus Mendenhall ( 1) ( BUREAU ) MedlinePlus Fred Davis ( FA 17) MedlinePlus Dez Bryant (4) MedlinePlus Steve Smith Carolina (8) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Bank ( Hardesty ) ( FA 17) MedlinePlus Clark (6) MedlinePlus Britt IR (6) MedlinePlus Bradford (12) MedlinePlus Ballard ( FA 17) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I also have an additional project and fifth round in the coming years . Thanks for your help guys in advance I'm definitely torn in this agreement , for the future , but it certainly will not hurt my championship hopes for this year .
Which goalie should i pick up for my fantasy hockey league?2frenor mider2012-10-25 21:44:03
rotiserie is a league and I have Turkish and Fernandez . My options are hire Mike Smith , Dallas. Garon from Edmonton . Raycroft to Toronto , Ottawa and Gerber Bryzgalov of the Ducks . All of them ( except Smith ) are on teams that seem to have two No. 1 goalies . that is likely to be traded and I should invest ?
Can any smart person out there help me out with these questions?0Laffy Taffy2012-10-20 15:12:27
Paran and Jaran island every purchase goods of others. Paran Island has an unfavorable trade balance with Jaran Island . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus (1) outline three reasons Paran could buy goods Isla Isla Jaran MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ( Ii ) List and explain two areas of the balance of payments account MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ( Iii ) List and discuss four Island Paran why be concerned about their trade balance with Jaran Island .
What are better career options after 12th ?0Katie Lee2012-10-15 05:53:30
What should I choose for good race MedlinePlus B TECH (including trade ) MedlinePlus or MedlinePlus B Sc ( please suggest topic ) MedlinePlus or MedlinePlus BCA MedlinePlus or something else MedlinePlus
Would you trade Drew Brees for Matt Flynn, 1st Round Pick and a 4th Round Pick?0aqdas2012-07-09 21:33:16
The first is seventh overall
Would you have objected to this trade if you were in my league?1Simplification2012-08-09 22:26:02
I mean to ME, this trade is pretty fair. I give Gilbert Arenas, Kevin Martin, and Gerald Green for Tracy McGrady and Ray Allen. Arenas for McGrady is as even as you can get. They both will avg like 27-28 pts with a good amount of assist. Plus Martin is good enough for Allen. Allen's scoring is gonna be down this year sharing the ball with Garnett and Pierce. Martin might avg 22-23 pts a game. Very similar to Allen. Green might start soon and has potential on a Minnesota team that needs as much help as possible. That was offered so it's even incase one doubts Martin will continue his good play he started last year. Is this an unbalanced trade to you?
Trade Ubaldo in a keeper league?4leyla matiaz2012-09-19 13:01:02
I was thinking about trading him .. His last start are getting nervous about him not being able to keep pace throughout the season . Especially since playing at Coors Field. I have some options. Ubaldo for Wainwright Lester Ubaldo Ubaldo / Kemp by Crawford / Lester Which of these trades is the best?
Fantasy football PPR league trade?0tegs2012-09-27 17:32:03
Remember that this is a PPR league . OK so here's trade MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I will be trading Wes Welker , Joseph Addai and Donald Brown MedlinePlus MedlinePlus by MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Ronnie Brown and Chad Ochocinco MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Although Wes Welker is a beast in PPR , Joseph Addai is doing well and I think I have to sell now that hes high . In my computer I have also Marshawn Lynch (timeshare ) and Clinton Portis ( slow start ) So my riders are not looking for the most promising from now . I definitely think you should do this job , but I would like opinions of others first.
I'm in a 3 WR league and need a WR for wk 7. Should I try to trade D.Driver and V.Jackson for a better WR?0beecca2012-08-05 01:37:49
I have a TJ.Houshm.., B. Edwards, D.Driver, .Northcutt and V.Jackson as my WRs. 3 of my WRs (Driver, Edwards, and Jackson) are on bye in week 7. Should I try to trade Driver and Jackson for someone like Roy Williams or Reggie Wayne? Driver's numbers are similar to those of Williams' and Wayne's but I need another WR for next week? What would you do? I'm loaded at QB, RB, and TE so trading WRs are my only options.
Should i trade Rudi Johnson in my fantasy League?0Lulia2012-09-19 15:43:03
With reliable RBs hard to find these days im wondering if I should negotiate for better WR Rudi I need on my computer , I have Adrian Peterson and Clinton Portis ports , but it seems to get injured every two weeks. My wide receivers are not a goodbye is Dwayne Bowe , Roddy White and Bobby Engram , so we need all the help we can get this week . The reason is because im not sure this week off im pretty set at WR . Also do u think I could get for it if you decide to change it?
Fantasy Baseball Keeper League Trade?1Makie2012-10-22 01:43:02
Need opinions on possible trade options in a mixed league goalkeeper 12x12 5, my guards are ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Pujols MedlinePlus Miggy MedlinePlus Reynolds MedlinePlus Lester MedlinePlus Vlad MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want to move one of my 1B ( Pujols or Cabrera ) ... I'm thinking of such offers MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Pujols and Lester by Kemp and Kinsler MedlinePlus Hanley Pujols for MedlinePlus Cabrera by Justin Upton MedlinePlus Cabrera by Kemp MedlinePlus Cabrera and Lester for Reyes and Kershaw MedlinePlus Cabrera and Lester Crawford and Adam Jones MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any idea who should I contact? ? ? ?

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