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Listen, ' said the old man , not very good to see the weasel , which is why ah ? What is the argument on the field , right? ?
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Yellow weasel, the scientific name Mustelasibirica, Mammalia, Carnivora, Mustelidae, Weasel. The species has been included in the State Forestry Administration, August 1, 2000 release of "The State protects the profits or major economic and scientific value of the list of wild land animals." It's a kind of weasel weasel has yellow, brown or orange, as is the whole body, so called zoology yellow weasel. Yellow weasel weasel common name, you will feel strange to talk about yellow weasel, but weasels name is known, well known. Weasel's reputation is not good, people have a saying: a family of fifteen "fans not bad, by the recognition of a sliding Russia. In fact, this is unfair. Biologists in the country had 11 provinces and cities were dissected Weasel 5000, identified the wreckage left in the stomach, of which only two weasels eat chicken. Later, he lived with the test diet of weasel, the first night in the weasel in the cages of live chickens the octopus. Chickens are safe, the octopus is eaten, the next night, put the chicken, pigeons, rats and toads. The results are eating rats, toads and eaten, the third night running chickens, doves, weasels pigeons killed, the fourth night, just put live chickens, weasels only to eat chicken. So, is the extreme lack of food, no alternative Diao chicken just to eat. In fact, weasels eat mice. He is an expert in rats yet. According to statistics, a weasel, three, four pounds a year to eliminate rodents. Once it bites the mouse, you can wash everything for a few bites. If you find the nest the mouse, you can dig rat holes, the whole nest has been destroyed. Mice eat a year 1 kg of grain of each calculation, a weasel rats mouth around three or four hundred kilos of grain. So what weasels slip is not robbers, but the best friend of man. Weasels in the face of danger, often the smell of anal gland to release predatory insect repellent. Also, the skin of the weasel, after processing can be turned into coats skin, but skin, summer is not worth the money, insisted after the winter snow, the snow season until the skin is very expensive. I've seen before, yellow weasel words very search for the mice, rats, when met, will strive to. Sometimes the mouse to break the living area of ​​human bites, such as birds and rabbits, at this time people can see is yellow weasel and not see the mouse. Weasel so wrong yellow attack poultry, so long, is common in people's lives, such as the yellow area to break the weasel, but do not know is to kill the rats. Why do we many years of misunderstanding, because people do not use a scientific approach to understanding serene and wild animals, so the only cause of the current snake, rooster Wild Weasel yellow fox decrease, resulting in degradation of the environment, direct or indirect threat to humanity itself. not directly jump into the bath water weasels that morning dew on the plants to cleanse the body. ================== ============================== A ghost story book or many folklore stories on fox spirit, science modern to explain that some people poor health of resistance, it is the strong smell of urine smell in the occasional role of Fox, the resulting number of strange hallucinations. Especially in ancient times, sparsely populated, wild animals, easy to survive, some are old white fox fur. At that time some scholars to acquire fame, addicted to the books of a house of gold, jade, the United States in the books, the first cantilever, cone CIGU, hard study day and night, poetry and literature, nature always nervous. During this period, if the fox, the occasional smell of urine odor, the same circumstances, and that the poor have a physical illusion, stumbled in paradise, perhaps even with the dream of the beautiful clouds and rain. As for the weasel, which releases the smell of urine smell is not so much the power of the fox, but enough for a poor woman physical disruption the brain, symptoms of the so-called evil. The smell of urine, fox and weasel gland alteration in brain function of the NPC, Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Agricultural specialty experts mentioned the matter . But people who know little about. In short, the smell of urine is the fox and weasel gas as charming. Yuen Yi Transfer Forum
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