Has anybody had dealings with a company called Text Media (also trading as Wapfly)? related questions

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Has anybody had dealings with a company called Text Media (also trading as Wapfly)?0JESSICA9102012-09-10 22:22:01
They are charging my phone bill for Orange multimedia messages that have not been requested or received . The charges are
Gf hasn't called or text?0jj black2012-07-17 17:24:01
Well we've been together for two years everything was great. I took a job trade in fort Mac five months ago. We still were great up till two months ago were I found myself trappe up there angry all the time felt I needed to text her and jelouse over her gettin to do fun things I mean I'm not jelouse person just it was hard up there. I know she loves me it's just been difficult I found myself very clingy 2 weeks away 6 days back home. I decided to come back home work. And she left for a conference for school and I'm workin again and feel loads better we haven't done it either in the past two months due to stress she hasn't text me in two days and I think space is good an I'm goin let her have it I really love her and I wish I never went up but hey live an learn so guess I'm wondern do I continue to just let her be
Does American benefit get network media company lawful? Whether does the company exist?1Joy2012-01-18 23:56:08
Still I can not define the information that this is the company in question I get , I ask you this: Open government website of the government of Australia: a company Www.asic.gov.au entries to record encoded in the numnd box on the right : 135927945 may investigate a public sector company securities that is Australia , Australia and the relevant information to register investing committee . (Another company in Australia everyone can agree with this view ) the Nature'sCare network sold the company AD ( interpret is : Na Shikai Er) health care class organic product is proven Australia and protect skin to taste, sure to be produced entirely in Australia , the company likes to quality of performance accountability for the product purchased 10 million of the coin bay. In the search for Baidu , " " Na Er Shikai can see the detailed introduction of this product. The company is in Australia to register a patent. Image Charter seeks the advice of local agent. Company code is account 135927945 firms collect abundant bank to leave Hong Kong is the account that is opened with the name of the company. Business Affairs visitor center a paragraph to call this account is,
Is there a company called bagtco brithish american global trading in uk?0rosie2012-09-05 03:20:03
I recxeived anemail conerning a job in London with a salary that seems inappropriate .
Hi , has anybody heard of a company called Advanced Markets International? its about currency trading?0Halie2012-07-25 11:51:02
is anyone a member or has anyone got any info on them . ? thanks
What does anybody now about a s type share holding company called omega trading as I cannot contact them?0Yasmin2012-08-10 16:20:02
What does someone now what kind of company shares trading called Omega, as it can not contact them ?
What ad network media company in Australia is really such a company? What integrity?1You2012-10-07 09:34:02
What ad network media company in Australia is really such a company? What integrity?
Difference between IPO(initial public trading) and Share market dealings?0AD2012-09-26 09:59:02
Difference between IPO ( initial public offering ) transaction and market share?
Should Tony Blair be prosecuted for insider trading given the discovery of his dealings with Iraqi oil?1Federico2012-08-25 21:43:18
True put company of ad of media of Australia AD network?1 〆 eating fried ﹑ -2012-06-19 01:00:16
It is true since the company 's advertising media in Australia AD network ?
Has anyone dealt with a company called vcom0A.T.2012-07-18 22:14:02
We gave them items to produce and they left out a main part which we had specified and they have the nerve to tell us that they thought we didn't really need that part that it should only say so on the packaging. They made all kinds of tricks not to let in our QC and they don't want to give us back our deposit. They are offering to print stickers to cover up the part of the packaging where it specifies the non-existent part if we will pay for it!
What kind of information would the media planner like to see presented to them in a Media Brief & Checklist prepared by the Account Executive?1Sexy Chick 2012-03-20 22:01:28
What kind of information the media planner would like to see them presented in a brief checklist and Media prepared by the account executive ?

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