Why do I use PS to add light to the image of diamonds, the effect of light on the diamond color chart is black? related questions

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Why do I use PS to add light to the image of diamonds, the effect of light on the diamond color chart is black?1ABBIE 2012-02-05 01:00:07
As the title , online, etc, please expert help , thanks!
How to take out of this picture. The light is very soft feel, what if you need to buy the best light. Light of the position display.1Boyc2012-03-08 18:03:20
[ Img ] http://www1.tx8.cn/photo/jby626/200744175427894.JPG
My yellow light in the flash card while the green light has not been? But with a cable plugged into the same machine can also access the normal red green light also is why?1crutch 2012-04-12 23:16:15
My yellow light in the flash memory card , while the green light has not been ? But with a cable connected to the same machine can also be accessed from the normal , light green, red , is also the reason?
The light blue hair and long belt she hats inside the color is white, what color inside with clothes), and what and what color pants boots0FROGG52012-07-27 05:09:02
The light blue hair and a long belt inside the hat color is white, what color inside with clothes) , and what and what color pants boots
Does the color of the diamond effect the price of the diamond?1Grove2012-04-03 06:21:59
Does the color of the diamond effect the price of the diamond?
Press the power light, light is not lit, the computer does not start, but the fan switch, what is the reason1Beatrice2012-02-08 17:51:02
Press the power light , no light comes on, the computer does not start , but the fan switch , which is why
Canon IP1000 inkjet printer, the yellow light is turned three times, once the green light, what is failure1Yuki2012-05-24 18:57:32
Canon IP1000 inkjet printers , boot warmer , six times the green light, yellow light times , and then the green light again , what is failure ?
Why does alexandrite appear to change color in sunlight and artificial light?1Osmon2012-01-15 04:29:45
Why alexandrite appear to change color in sunlight and artificial light?
High Pressure Sodium Light vs LED Street Light2Jare2012-04-26 02:15:55
High Pessure sodium lamp spectrum are relatively concentrated in the yellow, the color temperature is only 2000 - 2500K, but the temperature of the LED lamp color is greater than, until 3500 - 4500K or more. Sodium lamp high Pessure starts around much of the light can not reach the road. Sodium high rate Pessure Lamp color is poor, only 20 to 40, and lightheadedness, but the LED is much higher, you can get to 75-80, so the road looks bright and comfortable illumination of sodium lamp high Pessure. From the practical standpoint glow, the LED lamp is much higher than the high sodium lamp Pessure. 100W LED lamp can replace the 250W sodium lamp high Pessure. 100W LED lamp output only about 6250 light output (missed something across the optical design of a second), but you can get the light output 6000, when he reached the road, and can reach 16Lux (pole 12m high lamp ) of the mean. 250W high pressure sodium lamp output Pessure of l20, 000 lumen, but the road to reach only 7,000 light output and only about 30 40Lux for the average. Because the coefficient of difference of color, LED illumination lamp correction factor is 2.35 times the sodium lamp high Pessure is only 0.94 times. After checked 100W LED lighting of the lamp is 37.6Lux the road, while the sodium lamp high Pessure is 28.2-37.6 Lux. Both pretty. Therefore, the LED lamp of 100W can replace the sodium lamp of 250W high Pessure. LED lamp can save energy of 2.5 times the sodium lamp high Pessure. In addition, the LED lamp has a long life. High Pessure sodium lamp life of 20,000 hours is designed, but due to voltage variations and the impact of high starting current, real life is less than 2 years. Therefore, the actual duration of life is usually only 4000 hours, assuming 10 hours per day, 400 days can only work. A little over a year to replace the lamp, while high power LED lamp life is 50,000 hours, assuming 10 hours of work each day, after thirteen and seven tenths to be replaced.
how can i find customers for led grow light,led aquarium light3Kid Lightning 2012-03-12 21:03:08
We specialize in LED grow light and aquarium light LED , and recently the market crash , so you should find customers for me , I use GOOGLE, but has a good effect.
Can a color-blind person imagine colors they can't see? (concerns UV light)?2Rony2012-09-22 02:37:02
Suppose a person is color-blind and cannot see the color blue. Is it theoretically possible for this person to imagine (correctly) what blue would look like in his/her head? Or is it outside of his sense of reality? I guess the real question that I'm leading to is, would it be possible for an ordinary person to imagine colors they can't see (outside of the visible spectrum), for example ultra violet? If you could for a day trade vision with an insect and see the UV colors it can see, and then come back, would you be able to describe or remember the non-visible colors you saw? Or would UV to them look the same as some other color does to us? It's difficult for me to wrap my head around the idea of imagining non-visible colors, because my instinctive reaction is that if we can possibly imagine and represent in our minds a color not visible to us, then it must by definition become a visible color (why couldn't it exist if you can get some sense of it)? Can YOU imagine/invent a color you've never seen before (even if it is within the visible spectrum but you've never seen it due to limited exposure to the world)? It has to be a unique color, and not some varying shade of another.
What light yellow color of the bedroom lights and curtains to match1Darre2012-03-13 01:30:59
What color light yellow lights and matching curtains

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