NO ONE IS ANSWERING. gosh, i dont mind helping you! just please read& tell me your honest opinion!BOYS? girlS?

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Need help before
Asked at 2012-09-10 06:18:02
omar call it. my friend ... worth almost four weeks ago I had a graduation party. he came. Well, I started drinking and became very drunk. Not too too drunk. First time we cooled outside the store. MedlinePlus really just relax, when he and my mom works in the same turn. read on ........... MedlinePlus He hugged and I walked together, everywhere we were joined at the hip. MedlinePlus [Not sure if they were doing that I was drunk and did not want me to fall or just wanted to be around me?] MedlinePlus I asked to slow dance, he said yes. I think I said something to love him? sis called me. MedlinePlus [Work with my mom, he calls his mom, and my sister called, his older brother] MedlinePlus -I heard that he smiled a lot. MedlinePlus -We walked around the block. he told me about his GF. im 18, hes 19, his GF is 28. So I told him about my ex. will wait for the right said. said they would change their child for nothing. MedlinePlus He reached out as if to hold hands? i do not grab ... i shouldve! MedlinePlus He has my number, but I still have to call / txt me. MedlinePlus 2wks ago i txtd him "hey __", said "hey __" I said, "JMJ" replied.IDK never MedlinePlus that hardly sees his girl so it was not his fault, he does txt other females. that's not the case! MedlinePlus -I feel it coming closer to me, space wise. he gets me more.
'Sometimes we close our eyes, like IDK ... I look, I look, but then I turn my head lol. MedlinePlus -Once blew a kiss while playing, he was hiding, he did nothing. he has seen. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Each time, my sister and hugs him. but never hugs me well.? MedlinePlus * The other day I looked up and said: aw you want a hug, I gave him a little and he. MedlinePlus approximately 1 week. ago my mom said I liked it, she thought she knew lol MedlinePlus but now you do haha. his reaction was "he smiled and said forreal"
Yesterday TXTd him to see if he were still going txtd BACK, and then this morning .. well MedlinePlus TODAY [weve first time alone and rode together, etc.] we went to the city together, on our way there was super quiet / awkward. MedlinePlus but when we got to go on the best kid, everything was fine, we talked, laughed, etc. MedlinePlus when we went to college, it was still all right. on our way back, I started looking and smiling lol whats going on. he asked me, "Mom is working tongiht" talking about my mom
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umm bother not wait, sounds like the older girls . seriously do not bother to keep looking , in any case , even if he leaves he can look at you as a rebound or always look at you as a friend and still fun boys overall I can not be friends with girls unless one little attracted to them . soo , or he will put in the background or you just look like a child who speaks occasionally . unless something drastic happens it seems he will not change his mind .
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  • Answer This Question:NO ONE IS ANSWERING. gosh, i dont mind helping you! just please read& tell me your honest opinion!BOYS? girlS?