Did the Capitals make a huge mistake by not trading for a goalie? related questions

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Did the Capitals make a huge mistake by not trading for a goalie?3Ajay.2012-11-02 16:43:02
Seriously I'm not a believer in Varlamov and Nuevirth especially . Nuevy you pee in your pants come the playoffs !
Did the Warriors and Knicks make a huge mistake by trading Anthony Randolph?1Aut2012-08-03 03:09:35
20 Pts, 11 Rebs 8-14 Shooting, and the games not over. Finally getting a chance to to show his potential in Minny. BQ: Who has more potential ; Hickson or Randolph ? BQ: Do you agree with this quote ; "If you give a player a chance, they will shine" ?
Are the Lakers management thinking of making A HUGE HUGE MISTAKE OF TRADING KOBE AWAY from the Lakers?4Elenny2012-11-04 12:49:05
Are they (Jim and Jerry Buss and Mitch Cupcake) trying to compensate for past mistakes , making the biggest mistake of them all? - The trade of Shaq at the time made ​​sense, because Shaq was coming in the form of fat and every year and he was more of a liability ... but knew it would turn right around and lose 40 pounds and get himself in shape in Miami (I've never done here) ... As a Lakers fan , im not angry about that because the trade that made sense at the time But there I've tried elsewhere than Miami for Odom / Butler / Grant ' s big fat contract as we tested starless return - Operate with a potential all -star Caron Butler and a good score on the PG Atkins for Kwame large bust and fat $ 9 million a year contract - Signature Vladimir Radmonovic 6 years 30 million - Continued Radmonovic after he got into an accident and injured his shoulder ... I should have cut his contract when it had the option . He never fit in the triangle offense to stay with him ?
Did Boston make a big mistake trading Perkins?8damilola2012-10-02 22:16:02
BQ - who do you think will come out of East now
Did The CUBS make a BIG mistake trading Mark DeRosa?7Samantta2012-10-10 14:36:02
I do!
Did the Lakers make the mistake of not trading for Artest in the offseason?6Do2012-10-09 20:24:02
I know that the Kings wanted Odom, but Artest looks right now. It was a total beast offense and defense in these first 2 games for the Rockets. Artest would have really been able to help defensively.
Did the Yankees make a mistake in trading for Nady and Marte?3marleen2012-11-01 23:31:02
Did the Yanks give up too much (Ohlendorf, Karstens, McCutchen & Tabata) for the X-Man and Marte?
List of best tacktics to make huge bucks in stock market intra-day trading?1Wavikz2012-08-08 02:19:02
Like sometimes I buy stock n sell on the day of 01.02 % gain , should I buy right away or wait is better? What are the other things I can do in intra - day? to make money?
I had a Mac and now I have a Linux. Did I make a mistake?1Gemma2012-10-23 21:13:02
First, I am a 70 y / o Female with computer know very little . My Mac hard drive crashed after three years . I took it to my computer guy and could have arranged for $ 400. Instead I negotiated my Mac to a new Linux system ( very small Acer " tower " without a CD drive ) . I'm so lost . Accepts no exe program . , My email is different and will not transfer , and I can not play Chuzzle etc. Am I wrong ? Should have sold a kidney and part of my Mac or should have gone back to my past ( before Mac ) PC with Windows XP ? ? ? ? ? Please help - Thanks
Which goalie should i pick up for my fantasy hockey league?2frenor mider2012-10-25 21:44:03
rotiserie is a league and I have Turkish and Fernandez . My options are hire Mike Smith , Dallas. Garon from Edmonton . Raycroft to Toronto , Ottawa and Gerber Bryzgalov of the Ducks . All of them ( except Smith ) are on teams that seem to have two No. 1 goalies . that is likely to be traded and I should invest ?
Every time the Xiaokuang that the system when I attend a meeting computer plays a DUNDLL to make mistake, how to return a responsibility excuse me?0Thimphu2012-07-11 22:40:02
Every time the Xiaokuang that the system when I attend a meeting computer plays a DUNDLL to make mistake, how to return a responsibility excuse me? Content is as follows: ERROR LOADING C:Is Program FilesdeskadtopRin.dll the Specified Module Could Not Be Found how to return a responsibility excuse me? Still have how be solved?
Question: How to verify the company data of trading customer (capitals, official register data, web site)?2Kamilah2012-11-04 03:35:02
We Yunding Leather Co. ( http://yunding1.com/ ). To locate our customners potential overseas , we have a problem of verifying whether it is in contact is a fraud - a real customer or client . Pls be so kind to advice " . How to verify the data of the company business customers ( capital , official data registration , website , address , telephone number) , customers can be in the U.S., Germany, Korea, Japan , China , India , Egypt , in the middle . this , so Is there a website that could be used to do the work for verification or credit check ?

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