Can someone help me understand the stock market? all the tricks and trades...? related questions

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Can someone help me understand the stock market? all the tricks and trades...?0-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-2012-09-09 13:43:02
I need to know everything about everything , and the stock market . signs or symbols you need to know please tell me in a simplified way in which I can understand. good stocks to invest in and which to avoid. This is just a project that I am responsible and I would appreciate if somone share no knowledge of it .. thank you have a great day
Since the company receives no money when the stock trades in the secondary market, care about the market price?0Huck2012-08-31 19:33:03
Since the company does not receive any money when the stock trades in the secondary market , do not care about the market price ? Why or why not ?
I don't understand stock market / trading terms - can you help me figure this out?0Anonymousss2012-10-26 05:22:18
I have 19 years and still do not. I suppose I should , but I do and it's just annoying to hear about it all the time and do not know what it means. All I know about the stock market is that the actions ( the lowest you can own a company ) are traded in the market and that companies have market symbols to SBUX Starbucks . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus SBUX put on Google and I get this ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 28.39 -0.10 ? ( -0.35% ? ) (October 25, 4:00 pm ET ) MedlinePlus 28.69 ? 0.30 ? (1.06 % ? ) ( After Hours ) MedlinePlus Open: 28.55 MedlinePlus Height: 28.80 MedlinePlus Low : 27.02 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Volume: 5,699,279 MedlinePlus Avg Vol : 7,218,000 MedlinePlus Mkt Cap : 21.01B MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm basically hoping someone can explain what it all means . 28.39 Does that Starbucks shares trading $ 28.39 when the market closed , but then more trade when closed ? Actually I have no idea what any of those possibilities .
Will Majoring in Economics help me to substantially understand the Stock Market and How to Trade it?0China2012-09-13 17:22:03
It Specialization in Economics substantially help me understand the stock market and how to trade it ?
How can I track institutional block trades on the stock market?0Nikki Cobb2012-09-28 05:38:02
Financial Thomson I- Watch used to offer to do this , but is no longer available .
Is it illegal to manipulate stock option trades in the market?0Adele2012-10-01 08:38:02
I have a friend who says that what he does is not illegal , but it seems questionable. It's amazing make money without the ups and downs that usually happens with most traders . He will buy a large position in a particular option as 500 contracts in 40 . The tender will be at 0.40 and the question will be at 0.50 MedlinePlus Then they try to sell a .45 . If there are no buyers that will get rid of its $ 45 . Then they traded at $ 0.45 to make it look like there was a lower bidder . After the order will be canceled and he will put them back on sale for $ 45 . I just spoofing , which is illegal , but that is not saying impersonation, because the order is canceled . Is this manipulation is considered illegal?
For a low risk high return short term investment which is better? stock market or currency trades?1help...2012-11-06 01:42:02
Im looking to invest only a small amount of money (
What are the tricks to intra-day-trade in indian share market?1matherik2012-09-17 15:33:03
indian share market
Can u help me by giving tricks and techniques for intra day trading shares in indian market ?1TANU2012-07-11 16:34:07
What are delivery and non-delivery trades in stock market terminology?1Bowier42015-07-14 02:29:47
What are the delivery operations and delivery in the stock of terminology? And how do they affect trade online?
Why when there are more buy trades than sell trades does a stock price go down?3Herald2012-10-27 16:41:44
I have shares in NSAM.L. During the last week have exceeded the buying and selling operations offices of 5 to 1, but the share price continues to drop.
Stock Traders: How long did it take you to finally understand trading stock/options?1Bone ▎ ╰ つ cI 2012-10-11 04:11:02
I have 17 years and want to trade stocks or options for a living. I went to class and nature of the twenties , but understand twentysomethings were still unclear. How long does it take to understand everything? I really start actual trading at the time I graduated , which is June 2009.

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