I need help with a few global history regents questions...?

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(1) The Code of Hammurabi and the 12 tables were designed to : a) provide a framework for the development of democracy b ) create a stable society MedlinePlus (2) In Western Europe , where the development coused the other 3 MedlinePlus a) the fall of Rome MedlinePlus b ) increase the power of the Roman Catholic Church MedlinePlus c ) reduced trade MedlinePlus d ) Breakdown of central government MedlinePlus (3) that best describes the role of the Roman Catholic Church in the Middle Ages ) gained influence as people became more interested in secular affairs b ) providing a sense of order and unity stabiliy MedlinePlus (4) a direct result of the Crusades was the pope a) lost control of the church or b ) Europeans increased their demand for goods from the USDA Agricultural Research this (5) Approximately when Europeans come to Europe ? MedlinePlus (6) The decline in life expectancy in Europe was the result of a lower birth rate , disease or famine MedlinePlus (7) What do the cities of Calcutta and Venice Nanjing Mogadishu take commmon (which were centers of world trade) MedlinePlus It's not cheating, just studying thanks for any help you can give

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