What do you think about these quotes?

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"The interests of the people of Australia , and the future of our country should be determined by the Australians themselves, not by the governments of other countries , not the United Nations , not by trade agreements that benefit all world except us . "
MedlinePlus "We must recognize the truth , and let us no longer threatened by governments whose only goal is re-election , at any price , to stay in power at any cost , not for our benefit , but for themselves . " < Br > MedlinePlus " Want to race riots , religious fanaticism , gang wars and drugs ? MedlinePlus Want civil war ? "
MedlinePlus All of Pauline Hanson . 1997
Answer1looking for someone to varify my work pleaseAnswered at 2012-09-09 13:22:06
Nonsense irrelevant to a person with a myopic and uninformed .
Answer2im_a_h8r_n_luvin_it(only hate certain people)Answered at 2012-10-09 21:56:35
that all the seed of the mouth of xenophobic and racist bigot.
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