Should i trade Chad Johnson for Joseph Addai? My team is ....? related questions

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Should i trade Chad Johnson for Joseph Addai? My team is ....?1Verna2012-10-16 22:26:03
starters MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Matt Leinart MedlinePlus , Ari QB MedlinePlus Frank Gore MedlinePlus * SF RB MedlinePlus Maurice Jones - Drew MedlinePlus , Jac RB MedlinePlus Santonio Holmes MedlinePlus , Pit WR P MedlinePlus Chad Johnson MedlinePlus , Cin WR MedlinePlus Larry Fitzgerald MedlinePlus , Ari WR MedlinePlus Randy McMichael MedlinePlus , TE ROB MedlinePlus Patriots D / ST MedlinePlus , NE D / ST MedlinePlus Robbie Gould MedlinePlus , Chi K MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My bank MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Chester Taylor MedlinePlus , Min RB MedlinePlus DeAngelo Williams MedlinePlus , Car RB MedlinePlus Marshawn Lynch MedlinePlus , Buf RB MedlinePlus Reggie Brown MedlinePlus , Phi WR MedlinePlus Bernard Berrian MedlinePlus , Chi WR MedlinePlus Steve McNair MedlinePlus , Bal QB MedlinePlus Packers D / ST MedlinePlus , Is D / ST MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I do trade , the guy really wants Chad Johnson and Marshawn Lynch , but the rookie running means nothing to me , but if worse came to worse I do trade Chad Johnson and Lynch Joseph Addai ? And how do you feel about Chad Johnson only up to Joseph Addai , in my league I have the option of playing two runners and two wide receivers and a RB / WR in Santonio Holmes I there. Is this benefit me play 3 RB is solid instead of 3 WR , Gore , Addai , and Jones Drew , denying Chad J ?
Is trading Darrell Jackson and Joseph Addai for Braylon Edwards and clinton portis a bad trade for me?0cottoncandee2012-07-23 01:56:02
I have Addai , edge , Willis McGahee , Derrick Ward, and LenDale White as my back , my WR are Boldin , Darrell Jackson , Patrick Crayton , Roddy White, Terry Glenn ( err) , and Reggie Williams.
HELP!!! I have chad johnson, braylon edwards, bernard berrian, and mushin mohammed at WR.?0Johnston2012-10-19 21:23:43
I put together a realistic option trade . I want to keep everyone Berrian , not safer. Any idea who should try to pick on WR ? Possibly a backup RB . I have Fred Taylor as my backup. Any thoughts would help me a lot. THANKS !
The people in my League think I am crazy for trading Chad Johnson for Bernard Berrian. What do you think? ?2wind2012-09-21 18:55:02
1st the only reason I picked up Chad Johnson is so I could trade him later. I really have never liked him. He is to inconsistent. 2nd Cincinnati has the toughest match up against the past this year. 3rd Bernard Berrian did not have anyone throwing to him last year this year he will. 4th Minnesota has the fifth easiest match up against the pass this year. What do you think?
Should I trade Addai for Moss? ?0FROGG2012-08-30 07:12:03
I have also Parker , Lynch , Slaton , and RB Pierre Thomas and I have Andre Johnson , Coles Laverneous , Galloway , and Wes Welker at WR . I have a position W / R flex along with two RB slots and two slots WR in my league . Another option is to provide Moss Parker instead. I'm very tempted !
Should I trade Ryan Matthews for Chad Henne or Josh Freeman?0mary222012-10-11 03:54:08
In my fantasy football team , I have Kevin Kolb and Alex Smith at quarterback with no backup . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have Adrian Peterson , Ryan Matthews , Carnell Williams , and as my RBs LaDainian Tomlinson . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In WR Steve Smith I have ( NYG ) , TJ Houshmandzadeh , Percy Harvin and Reggie Wayne . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Basically , I think I need a better quarterback and it appears that my only options are to trade Henne and Freeman . I know none of them are worth or Wayne Matthews , but I feel I need a QB . Should I change for Henne or Freeman , and if I do, who do I offer?
Why is glaxos smithkline beechams stock trading at such a low volume compared to johnson & johnson?0Fuzzy Logic 2012-11-05 00:12:18
These two companies are almost the same and GSK seems to be better off that jnj. is there something I'm missing here? I am investing for longterm growth.
Rate My Fantasy Baseball Team-Who should I trade? What weaknesses do you see? This is a 10 team league-points?0 ⿴ 亼 said _X Mom -2012-08-22 13:03:02
C Mike Napoli , Tex C , 1B MedlinePlus MedlinePlus @ Oak MedlinePlus 22:05 ( Parker ) 37/152 25 9 71 26 0 .243 1.29
I want Chris Johnson. What should I trade?0kishawn2012-10-09 03:36:49
I want it really bad . That's my team . That's ee trade team . Either option with online shopping but my computer will not hurt so bad ?
NBA: IF you played 10 years on any NBA team and never won anything with them, You asked that team to trade you?0Aliona2012-10-22 07:42:58
or would not sign any more year to play with them ? One day to sign and play with another NBA team and your team plays his former team and sales teams and their fans to boo former , how would you feel ?
Trade: Josh Johnson (MIA) for Ian Kennedy (ARI)?0Princess2012-08-27 08:33:16
I've been offered a trade. I can trade away Josh Johnson ( MIA ) Ian Kennedy ( ARI ) . I 'm leaning towards accepting it. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thoughts ?
Are the Hawks just trying to trade Joe Johnson to free up cap space?1Tania2012-09-22 01:45:02
And make a mini reconstruction ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I heard the Nets will offer Jordan Farmer, Anthony Morrow , and Jordan Williams aka scrubs .

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