How to get a third party advertising?

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How to get a third-party advertising ?
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Banners are an approximation can do what you want. I think that 's what they do is to organize an image database - sort of like ? You may want to look at sites that use images as you are trying to move. If you had pictures of the wild-type could be the site of National Geographic or Science. If many of the images are business in nature, then you might want to advertise in the U.S. Today, or Fast Company. But if it were my $ $ $, regardless of specialization or the site of the offer that would invest in a pay per click (PPC ) with Overture and Google Ad Words. This program takes some work , commitment and a modest budget. Befor emplore proceed to have someone that you perform a keyword phrase for your type of site. With the first sort key phrases have to ? Sal? place with these phrases relevent - directly on your page titles and descriptions , and any content that describes your product / service. From there a budget for PPC - from as low as $ 50 per month - so the sky is the limit. Monthly monitoring and reporting allow you to adjust the PPC spend and determine the conversion of their efforts. Conversion is simply for all days . $ I spent, how much we 're getting a client who regularly spend $ 1,600 each month for $ 380,000 in sales. Not a bad investment! The only reason we do not increase the CFP 's just because they could not deliver quality products and service that customers expect . Once they have more personal and easier to plan to increase their PPC spend.
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