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Buy a new house decoration encountered problems, professional advice, thank you1EL DIABLO 2012-02-04 05:16:36
Just bought an area of ​​more than 70 of the room, bathroom door and the relative, for example, how to design a bathroom door did not you see? Map size is transparent , living room and kitchen from north to south , north and south of a bedroom in the middle is the bathroom in front of the bathroom door.
Some of the problems of digital photos, professional enough progress1vollleybal gal 2011-12-27 23:39:19
If I use large photographs of the DC resolution, view photos on the computer when it reduced the time, photos can be added if the pixels. For example, a straight diagonal line, not immediately after the narrow, crowded together like pixels the same confusion. If this size of 6 inch photo print resolution photographs, appears as a display picture in pixels to reduce the chaotic situation? print photos, then? influential? instruction said to use 6-inch 1600X1200 resolution photo shoot why the images in the photo view screen 6 inches high so much? I placed the photos on the computer 1600X1200 reduced picture size of 6 inches and then cut after printing out, and the original 1600x1200 photo effect of it? 6:04 General Printing 6 photos size, right? but the options of the camera is 4:3 1600:1200 ah. How to deal with when you wash it? There will be a loss of picture or the picture is crushed? Or is not lost, while photographic images appearing on the white part? Like to see 10:09 4:03 monitor, as the film appears black from top to bottom edge. with the same camera. How many megapixels images allow six inches of saturation? If ten million pixel photos washed six inches, how would such a massive pixel processing to wash photo inches? Stack adjacent pixels together? Redness or six inch photographic printing effect and saturation of pixels with exactly the same? eight million pixel images are reduced when viewed on a computer, a close look at what becomes diagonal lines a little irregular, not smoothed. Why? If six inches are not printed in this situation? Print what? An eight million pixel photos at the computer screen and six-inch photo reduced to the same size, which is eight million pixels, right? I put this reduced the size of the photos after the cut six inches and six inches from the screen, however, but the lower right pixel? But in the definition of pre-cut in the screen, like, right? that if the original eight million after the photo and cut six inches from the small screen size photos by washing six inches, which clearly? Why? the small size of the images on the screen wash and as clear as it? cut six inches from the screen the number of pixels the size of the picture? washed maximum pixel images can be? six-inch screen small size of photos and eight million are in inches after washing what is the difference? eyes on it? theory and what is the difference?
Some of my professional life, confused, to request advice1Yvonne2012-04-27 22:13:33
Please expert guidance I like the animation of high school, now is crazy , I want to be a cartoonist , drawing talented , but no, I'm admitted to the school, the family had no chance of read technical school for me , I'm willing to do secretary, two years later with his own money to make reading of the technical school, but I heard that Chinese artists can not make money , very hard , I think that art in the game ( the original artist , 3D modeling or effects) , which at the technical school in which the advertising planning and production of computer graphics professionals do not know if there is a link to art school after offside entering the game how can the company? I do it ? If not otherwise do not? I have 18 years of Fujian
On the KTV decoration and matching problems.1antilope2011-12-30 19:17:10
What I do ktv small point. 0125 In the bustling city hall is 6.5 square meters, aims to separate into two layers, is expected to be 8 KTV rooms of different sizes, add a row , the problem to help estimate the cost and interior decoration KTV ( sound decoration sofa Air Conditioning VOD system, etc ) about what it costs. Please list as detailed as possible. Thank you.
My house to decorate, and want to choose your tile professional staff to answer?1Hira2012-04-10 19:08:07
To renovate my house , looked at the market to choose tiles , tiles, tile chosen sweet Taoyi Lang , has not been made ​​, no professional staff to tell me how to look at these two brands? ? ? ? Maybe it's a reasonable price also told me , lest they lose , there are some, knowledge of the tile to buy ?
Riverside restaurant decoration business professional design company phone number?1 (Core Estate pain -2012-02-03 22:19:55
Riverside restaurant decor business professional design company phone number ?
Winter decoration how to solve problems easily?237stork2015-09-22 22:19:18
Winter decoration how to solve problems easily?
Solutions to quality problems in winter decoration1gannet2012-03-31 22:45:03
The solutions to quality problems in the winter decoration
Decoration of the house to how to do?1Buster2012-07-18 00:06:02
Submitted to our house will end, but you want to go live at the end of renovation work was completed, can it? Usually simple repair what cost?
What should a new house decoration1Fiona2012-01-19 22:25:14
I bought a new house to be renovated, and should pay attention to what is , what aspects are easier to go wrong? How can you spend less money, the effect of adjusting the ideal?
BOM house decoration1Cha2012-01-24 19:21:01
In case of renewal bill housing material can be downloaded ?
Ask for advice with the problem of the color of the decoration1Phat T 2012-02-25 19:44:23
Red tile floor , living room , bedroom, study what should be the color of the brush ? What were the color of furniture should be? Personal preferences do not know if the color of the trunks. In general you want to have a warm feeling of warmth (more than half a square) !

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