How to sell advertising in a direct-mail advertising magazine?

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How to sell advertising in a magazine advertising direct mail ?
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I hope you have a flexible editor. I am clear that they sell for - could be the means Prism Business? If so impressive. It will take a flexible editor to accommodate this proven method to increase sales. Like my friend, Bob colleauge stop selling the meat and start selling the sizzle. I must say - so that this work wo you do not need the flexible publishing his / her consent. You are selling at a pub. They - the editor - often have several publications on your list that are either related in some way. Your client may have a product or service that links these associated publications. Prism Business Media, for example, has a direct mail publication, but for promotion, NCOF, NCDM, promotional marketing and a number of other publications. You always have the latitude in the rate card. If you sell an ad at a time that will earn a commission at once. If you can sell a program to the client - again with the blessing of the publisher - you will have multiple wins and multiple controls. You will be able to read and understand the profiles of each publication. Meet with the editors and understand the editorial calendar as the palm of your hand and heres the hard part - to use his power to take advantage buing readers of the series of publications Combinded to expand the scope of his client. I can sell this one for $ 2,000 ad and give you 20,000 readers, but I can put into these five publications - extend its scope to include to 230,000 readers for $ 7,000. Not only will we reach this market rather than to these other markets will increase its total market penetration of B2B or SMEs. Getting a bonus I can also press in such publications and ramps of the program from there. This flexibility helps the publisher to promote all of their lines of pubs. It has great impact for both through its credibility and bottom line. If your editor is not flexible. NOT allow you to cross sell, not allow you to promote other books, simply takes advantage of a publication or just for a bar to represent - go ahead. Find a publisher of a line of similar products and on the ground and move on. The obvious things like knowing that the products meet your industry, etc. I will not bore you with. And do not forget to get in the hearts and minds of people the media in advertising agencies. It can be a lifesaver repeat customer.
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