T.O./S.Moss/Slaton/K.Smith type of trade...?

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Well , this man proposed a trade Larry J. and AL for Slaton and S.Moss ... I will not accept that trade , but said he would change any RB on your list because this man is in need of a RB ... MedlinePlus His two starting RB are T.Jones and K.Smith was thinking K.Smith is the better option here , do not you think ? So I would like to Slaton / S.Moss to K.Smith / TO ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here is my list of MedlinePlus QB : Rodgers , Ryan MedlinePlus WR : Jennings , Housh , S.Moss , Walter , Breaston MedlinePlus RB : Forte , Slaton , Stewart , F.Jones , R.Rice MedlinePlus TE : Carlson MedlinePlus MedlinePlus All you really need is to upgrade to WR3 this team can establish ... But I'm losing much of this trade , if you had to ?

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