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How do I start a fair trade Business/ company?0Overdue2012-09-06 15:19:13
Economic importance and I am an aspiring entrepreneur . I have my own small business , but now I would like to help local artist in my contry with their products . How to approach them, saying that I would like to start a fair trade business with them ? I will sell your product to an international market , get less than 50 % of income MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Should I start with a single artist or should I buy things for my car and then sell them to see how it goes ? What if you do not sell anything , because I will list them on eBay .
Where can I get support, as sone who has never run my own company, to start my business?1Please help!!!2012-08-21 15:30:02
In the top of a work for hire full time , I'm thinking of acting as an independent agent sourcing for UK companies who want to import and export enterprises in China . All large organizations such as the British Chamber of Commerce , China -Britain Business Council, UK Trade & Investment, etc are only concerned with supporting existing companies . Where I can get support , as sone who has never run my own company , to start my business ?
[ONTARIO, CANADA] BUSINESS EXPERTS and/or LAWYERS: Is there a way to start a company that offers...?1otter2012-08-08 04:40:44
... shares to private investors so they can earn a percentage or dividends (paid time) of the profits of the company? So investors that "I " decides can buy shares in my company and make some money when the company makes a profit . Therefore, it would be similar to a share listed on a local stock exchange and / or private ( if one should exist) . When potential investors are chosen so that no one can manipulate the stock price or value of the company as "put" and / or options "call " or the sale of " derivatives" or something.
Im getting start a small internation trading company, how can I find a local business support recourse here?0Donna2012-06-30 19:50:23
Im living in Dallas,TX. Im looking for a resouse or goverment program to help us to meet business person, business consultants, lawyers. Also Im looking for the international fair in DFW.
Surely buying local food/produce would put foreign farmers out of business? Thats not very fair trade?!?2Econo_Help2012-10-23 04:08:02
He always encourages us not to buy food and produce that has kilometers before reaching our shelves , but if everyone did this, then surely we would be giving the world farmers and traders who export their products to us and as slaves to their families outside the business ? At one point I say that buying fair trade to protect and help these farmers , and then told me not to buy from them at all! MedlinePlus What should I do ? !
I should go to company of a foreign trade talking about business, to this company I want how end is differentiated is bilk1pateyn2012-08-20 20:13:02
How to start an international trade business?1SurferDude2012-10-19 23:25:01
Starting a business in international trade?
No money, want to do business in global trade the b2b platform from which the start?0arya2012-08-11 03:05:02
no money, want to do business in global trade B2B platform from which the beginning?
What's a better idea: start an online business or trade stocks & shares for a living?0Barnie2012-10-03 12:55:17
Just wondering what the best option for me is out of these two - I've been trading stocks and shares for two years , has been getting boring to me recently - I think I'm more interested in the business models of online trading short term to life - makes me more excited . What would you recommend , and that in his opinion would have a higher success rate ? Thanks for all the advice !
I want to start a small business in trading but i want to advise about kind of cars i should start with ?0neejoo2012-07-03 12:06:01
i want to start trading from south korea to egypt but i need to konw what kind of cars i should start with hope to have help from you
I want to start small scale trading business of fitting equipment please help how to start?0tinkwink2012-07-27 22:21:59
I want to be installing equipment operator I do not know how to get into this business in India
Can a private limited company start import and export business without any export import licence in india.?3abd2016-06-06 20:30:54
make a limited company and we intend to start importing goods from Malaysia for trading purposes , now that we are registered as a limited liability company does not require a license for the import of goods saperately .

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