Stock Market Teenagers?

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Asked at 2012-09-06 12:56:04
Hi I have 15 years and I know a lot about the stock market investing now I 've actually been playing fantasy for years 3-4 and probably made ​​some incredible investment . through my dad will want to start trading now know that many web sites such as ( fidelity , eTrade , sharbuilder . ) but from my understanding ShareBuilder takes money from your account weekly or something and invest in more parts of an action now i do not want the website to do it automatically is a good website to get reliable and no money automatically . thank you
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You can set up an account until you reach age 18. However, you can talk to your father about setting up an escrow account in your name with him as a custodian . All operations must be executed by him , but the underlying shares are yours . The only downside is that taxes are yours and immediate responsibility . Univeral Look Gift to Minors ( UGMA ) .
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