Where do you think Iverson will go after this season?

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Asked at 2012-09-06 06:10:09
We are sure Detroit is not going to re-sign him because it made her trade Billups - Iverson first to rebuild . Also just signed Rip Hamilton , who has over 30 years of age to a contract extension and will not want to sign another over 30 years of age , a little one-year contract . Honestly , if Iverson is smart , you must weigh your options and sign with a championship contender . Iverson has never been a free agent before it really is like to go to San Antonio or Houston or a team that has trouble scoring at times. Here is a list of teams that I think should be considered ( note that hate Iverson with passion , but it is one of the best scorers ever play the game of )
MedlinePlus San Antonio MedlinePlus Houston ( McGrady is a bum! ) MedlinePlus Cleveland MedlinePlus new Orleans
Answer1krishaAnswered at 2012-07-22 09:17:02
It may take up to one year for witness and the judge to review the evidence and decide. So sit back and relax ,
Answer2Mason :)Answered at 2012-10-02 05:17:02
he will not go to san antonio b / c the team is too selfish n is completely opposite is MedlinePlus houston wouldnt be bad considering I think they're going to degrade but that would spoil McGrady chemical equipment MedlinePlus Cleveland would be the perfect fit two great scoring guards with him a mo the second best player in the game over a half MedlinePlus frontcourt new orleans MedlinePlus bad solution MedlinePlus What about Golden State , which would be a competitor but w / o all injuries
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