I am trying to find out what IBM stock traded for on a specific day in 2002. Any ideas where I can find this? related questions

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I am trying to find out what IBM stock traded for on a specific day in 2002. Any ideas where I can find this?0Karli2012-09-05 23:08:02
I'm trying to figure out what IBM stock traded for a specific day in 2002 . Any idea where I can find this?
Huang [2002] No. 91, the specific content of the file?1lizard2012-03-17 18:58:23
Thanks knows the answer to any oh.
How many round lots were traded in a specific stock on a day in which 467,800 shares changed hands?0karie2012-10-06 21:03:02
How many servings round were negotiated in a specific action on a day in which 467,800 shares changed hands ? MedlinePlus The options are : MedlinePlus A) 467.8 round parts B ) 4678 round lots MedlinePlus C ) 467 800 round lot MedlinePlus D ) The price must be known to determine many discussions.
How to find a historical stock quote for a stock that is no longer traded?2Mamie2015-08-18 02:03:37
How I can find the price of ( ABS ) Albertson available on 09/05/02 when the action is no longer marketed and symbol is no longer valid due to a merger with Supervalu /
HELP How do i find out how much of a stock is traded per day?1Shelle2012-08-26 15:06:17
Help How to know how much of a stock is trading each day?
Where can I find the list of companies traded in German stock market?0poelo2012-10-16 13:12:47
Hi . MedlinePlus I would like to invest some money in the German stock market . MedlinePlus But I have no idea where to get the list of publicly traded companies . MedlinePlus (That is, all listed companies are traded in the market ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyone can help me ?
How do I find historical stock data for a US company that's no longer traded on the NYSE?0) ã„£ Ni real estate 2012-08-10 05:55:02
I need historical data on stock prices of United Fruit , which became United Brands ( 1970), and later Chiquita Brands International ( in 1990). I need data from 1930 to 1975.
How can you find out how many shares of stock a CEO & President of a company that's traded on the NASDAQ holds?0Lincoln2012-10-08 05:17:07
I'm trying to assess what a person applies for business and I know that 60 % of this company is held by senior management , but no breakdown . Is there a place that could limit the search ?
Where can I find a list of stock ticker symbols for all American traded stocks?0toju2012-08-04 20:06:02
Is there a Java applet for this?
How do I find a forum that is more specific?0miller2012-09-12 12:01:02
For example , I want to get some good answers to my questions about day trading and finance and answers that are very general . How I can find a specific forum to answer my questions . Plus it would be better if it did not take too long to get a good answer to my questions . thanks
Hello, I would like to find the best securities Broker based on my specific needs.?0tamara2012-10-16 21:20:16
Hello , I would like to find the best stock broker based on my specific needs . I am looking for a discount broker b / c I did not need help in my investments . I will do between 1-5 transactions per year , not interested " trading" . I charge as the fewest possible rates as account maintenance ... like I said , I need help and I do not want to pay for it . If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it .
The price of each specific computer configuration to what the site can find ah?1 〃 Shang . ● 2012-01-04 18:52:55
Website on the price and the market price to have the same type! Thank you ! You!

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