Should I trade Ray Rice and Santana Moss For Reggie Bush & Jerricho Cotchery? related questions

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Should I trade Ray Rice and Santana Moss For Reggie Bush & Jerricho Cotchery?1skatergrl2012-09-23 18:31:02
My other RB are Pierre Thomas , Steve Slayton , Tim Hightower , and Shonn Greene . Another WR are Larry Fitz , Greg Jennings , Kevin Walter , and Patrick Cryaton . Do not know if it's a good decision because Thomas is hurt , and I might have enough depth at WR for my Flex option where I Moss .
Trading Percy Harvin or Marques Colston for Santana Moss. Good or bad idea?0Furter 2012-07-22 10:52:02
I have Harvin and Colston and thinking about trading for Santana Moss. Thoughts?
Why are people already hating on Randy Moss being traded to the New England Patriots? Do you think Moss ...?0annika2012-10-15 03:47:33
Moss can be old? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I mean, the guy had a 4.29 40-yard dash just a day before he was traded , and even took a pay cut just so that his contract would fit with the Patriots roster . If you have had problems off the field before the truth and did not play 100% for the Raiders . But we , who are the Raiders ! They are garbage , how can you blame him. Now is a great team and a great quarterback and has more motivation. Plus Bill Belichek , Brady , Rodney Harrison and quality are strong people who keep at bay Moss would show its downside . Just gave up a fourth-round pick for a WR that has the potential to bring large numbers ... Why still , with all that said , there are some people who say that it is not worth the risk ?
Beijing Hyundai Yilan Te compared to 1.6 and Santana, who better to run? Whose great power? Power control issues _ Santana1Norma2012-03-11 18:47:27
Beijing Hyundai Yilan Te compared to 1.6 and Santana, who better to run? Whose great power? Power control issues _ Santana
What is Reggie Wayne worth in trade value?5D.B.2017-03-31 17:46:11
Reggie Wayne is a stud and he is coming off two bad games , but he remains an attractive trade bait . My WRs other Fitzgerald , White , Jackson V , Donnie Avery , Roy Williams MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus As you can see I'm stacked . I have only one QB ( Warner ) What worries me . My RBs include S Jackson (damage ) C Johnson ( goal line to lose to White ) Graham ( actions taken) and Forte . So RB is another need for improvement. MedlinePlus TE is fine ( Witten and Olsen ) and in free agency is not Big Ben ( meh doing this year ) Bulger and Matt Ryan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I feel it is safe to trade Wayne is a great player , but one that you can use to improve . What might be worth ? Would Wayne and Colston and Graham Lynch , but someone does not suggest .
Should I trade Addai for Moss? ?0FROGG2012-08-30 07:12:03
I have also Parker , Lynch , Slaton , and RB Pierre Thomas and I have Andre Johnson , Coles Laverneous , Galloway , and Wes Welker at WR . I have a position W / R flex along with two RB slots and two slots WR in my league . Another option is to provide Moss Parker instead. I'm very tempted !
Should I trade Randy Moss for Tony Scheffler (TE)?0pateyn2012-10-08 23:28:23
So I literally did not get my other TE and wide receivers are Brandon Marshall , Steve Smith , Calvin Johnson ( WR heavy drafted in hopes of having a good trade option ) . Anyway , I'm in a league WR / RB flex , so any proposal that Sunday just start two WRs. I have also Cutler so it would be very heavy Bronco ( but they'll score a lot ) . Anyway, Moss Scheffler .... any ideas?
T.O./S.Moss/Slaton/K.Smith type of trade...?0Confizzled2012-09-06 15:27:03
Well , this man proposed a trade Larry J. and AL for Slaton and S.Moss ... I will not accept that trade , but said he would change any RB on your list because this man is in need of a RB ... MedlinePlus His two starting RB are T.Jones and K.Smith was thinking K.Smith is the better option here , do not you think ? So I would like to Slaton / S.Moss to K.Smith / TO ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here is my list of MedlinePlus QB : Rodgers , Ryan MedlinePlus WR : Jennings , Housh , S.Moss , Walter , Breaston MedlinePlus RB : Forte , Slaton , Stewart , F.Jones , R.Rice MedlinePlus TE : Carlson MedlinePlus MedlinePlus All you really need is to upgrade to WR3 this team can establish ... But I'm losing much of this trade , if you had to ?
If the Mets are interested in shredding payroll, then why not trade Johan Santana?0Rafaela2012-11-02 00:17:09
Details: Whilst Beltran, Reyes and Wright might leave for free agency this coming off-season, it is Johan Santana who commands the largest payroll in the team. Here's a simple outline of Santana's contract: 08:$19M, 09:$20M, 10:$21M, 11:$22.5M, 12:$24M, 13:$25.5M, 14:$25M (club option + buyout) If Santana is traded, I understand that the Mets will probably eat up some of his salary, but seriously, Santana is already 32 yrs-old and might become 'untradeable' in the near future. So that goes back to my original question, 'If the Mets are interested in shredding payroll, then why not trade Johan Santana?'
Good fantasy football trade? I'm trading Chris Johnson and Reggie Wayne for AP and Brandon Marshall.?1abhi2012-08-17 21:07:02
Good fantasy football trade?
Who regrets the trade more, Randy Moss or Minnesota Vikings?1zaire2012-11-05 18:45:01
Randy Moss was apparently unhappy with his situation in New England , and did what we all knew that eventually would, and forced his departure . The Minnesota Vikings need a spark on offense so we opted to send a 3rd round selection of the Patriots and bring home the work manufacturer switched to six years . In his first game (again ) , Randy Moss was pretty mediocre , if you ask me . He brought a touchdown , but it was all in a bombing in man coverage and Favre threw a perfect pass ... starting any receiver should make that catch. The Vikings still lost , and now all the hype about Randy Moss has passed and they are sitting at 1-3 and looking at a possible near future without Favre pending the outcome of the investigation of Roger Goodell . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So , sitting on a 1-3 and looking very possible sub .500 season without playoffs in the face ... Who do you think he regrets that trade more ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Randy Moss could be on a 3-1 team that is a legitimate contender this year , and could have ended his passes out of the race after catching a future HOF quarterback . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus or ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The Minnesota Vikings , who sits at 1-3, Brett Favre just paid 20 million for doing basically nothing , and after putting a "no franchise tag " clause in the contract of Moss ... are looking no playoffs, no Super Bowl , and 2011 without Brett Favre and Randy Moss ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Knowing how Randy Moss is selfish , I think he is the only regret most ... because at 33 years of age who is getting closer and closer to retire without a ring , and he only knows one big thing the leg with the Patriots .
Fantasy Trade? Parker/Owens for R Brown/Moss?0elliot2012-09-04 20:01:03
Would you accept this trade ? I have Willie Parker and Terrell Owens . He is offering Ronnie Brown and Randy Moss . I hate having to give it ... but need a strong RB I have: Westbrook ( and backup) and K. Smith (sharing role w / R. Johnson ) and Warrick Dunn . My other WR are C. Johnson , J. Cotchery , D. Hester and Lance Moore HELP !

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