My phone appears white point (NOKIA7610) related questions

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My phone appears white point (NOKIA7610)1freak on a leash 2011-12-22 05:00:20
My phone shows the white dot ( NOKIA7610 )
Will the phone appears misuse why?1Adria2012-04-10 22:03:39
Does the phone displays misuse Why?
Changhong C2991 thin top of the screen appears white horizontal stripes, is the problem? How to repair?1turtle dove2012-03-23 00:25:43
Changhong C2991 to my top of the screen appears after starting thin horizontal white stripes , is the problem ? How to fix ?
Want to buy a phone, please refer to the point of view1Alma2012-01-08 21:59:14
Requires better quality , preferably directly , without an antenna , not the camera. Price of less than 1,000 yuan.
GPRS access point how to set the phone?1Laura2012-05-26 01:40:20
My phone is NOKIA6670 have recently demonstrated in the GPRS can not connect, check the GPRS service ! But I also use it to extract the e- mail the other day? How I can configure?
SMS counter nokia7610 download link1Bad Ass 2011-12-26 23:53:49
RT 3Q ~~~~~
Broke my phone N70 white screen, how do? Can fix it?1Dave2012-05-04 07:26:29
Phone fell a bit , the result can not be changed to have been black and white. . . .
White screen mobile phone download games how to do1Haanah2012-09-25 03:49:02
Local development
Siemens S65 phone is switched on black and white, back to normal after a while, how is it? 1001Cracker Chick 2012-01-17 06:23:34
After the phone is on black and white , shows the contents of the nearly blind, had about 1.2 minutes to return to normal. How is this happening? Oil is this? 100
Siemens S65 phone is switched on black and white, back to normal after a while, how is it?1Shortie 2012-03-20 20:28:54
After the phone is on black and white , shows the contents of the nearly blind , had about 1.2 minutes to get back to normal. How do you get ? Oil is this?
Sony Ericsson W550C phone often black and white, hang it?0Jayson2012-07-14 20:51:02
Blue and White Porcelain of China's space spacewalk phone cards1mole2012-03-26 02:47:55
Blue and white porcelain of China's space walk in space 1 details of the phone card , the product a total of seven tiles of 57 mm (90 mm), a disc ( diameter 145mm ) 2 , tiles and porcelain enamels fire positive process for the ( small number of gold ) in the back of the phone cards that propaganda theme Netcom blue and white porcelain first series based on the world of phone cards, starting price of only 2,990 yuan / set legal par with the first first set blue and white porcelain, ceramic card China Chinese space space Museum , the China Society of Cultural Relics , China Netcom, solemn national authorities released several limited edition print is blue and white porcelain items from the collection of collections of the soul, with blue and white porcelain from phone cards to commemorate the first space walk, historical and artistic value of the main to commemorate the successful launch of Shenzhou VII special limited production , only 10,000 sets of collectors around the world of art at home and abroad has aroused great concern because the taste of the best calling card phone card China is a major collection categories, is a national issue with a nominal value collection , with the value of a permanent memorial . China's space - spacewalk cards in blue and white. Jpg (0 Bytes) downloads: 02 009 -3 to 1 22:38

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