Recently my old Haier refrigerator ring, is not unusual ah?

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Asked at 2012-02-03 18:54:53
Recently my old ring Haier refrigerator , ah is not unusual? Or the tone control switch is not good, consult the experts .
Answer1KarenAnswered at 2012-02-03 19:01:50
Talented: Hello 1. Turn refrigerator on the lower legs steady. Refrigerator must be placed on the ground, solid place. Four feet on the bottom of the refrigerator on a flat surface to achieve balance. Foot pads cushioned rubber refrigerator, etc, in order to achieve balance, minimal noise .. 2. Tubes and solid reinforced box. To check the tuning of the connection between pipe and the reinforcing portion of the box is loose, when the compressor in order to avoid resonance. Therefore, the outer tube has to be fixed, and bolts to increase the spring washer to prevent loosening .. 3. Compressors basis for the company. If the compressor by hand tight, the noise was reduced to hand raise the noise and increase the base is usually a fixed compressor vibration pads Shouli Bu or loose, not solid floor caused by the compressor, adjust, tighten securely connected part of the bolts and replace lost elasticity of the washing machine .. 4. subsidiary of the device must be installed safely. Refrigerator and freezer, the factory is equipped with ice boxes for the user, the network hierarchy, drawers and other accessories, installed a certain place and groove edges securely. Do not place debris on top of the refrigerator to avoid resonant noise .. 5. To determine whether the compressor is defective. When the hand on top of the compressor noise continues unabated, often in the compressor piston and the cylinder gap is too large and cause noise, and should replace the compressor. In addition, the refrigerator will not open the door, about 3 feet away from the refrigerator, the sound was heard boil or range of Chi Chi, which is the failure of the cooling pipe more, repairs to the professionals .. 6. Inhibit the tube with a rubber block vibration. Refrigerators in use, such as noisy, is desirable bicycle tire waste, cut into 30 mm diameter circle, cut the middle hole of approximately 5 mm diameter and then from the outside until the shear center, in order of stick to tube rubber. Such as refrigeration compressors running, tap the tube, where a fluctuation of feeling the tube, which can put a few rubber block, a refrigerator solely for purposes of 20.10, the noise will be reduced immediately. This is because the vibration block of rubber produced by inhibition of the resonance tube .. 7. High refrigerator for four-feet. 3-6 cm of elevating the refrigerator and adjust the balance between the four corners, the bottom of picture increases the space of airflow. In this way, compressor noise and other noises of the box in the bottom of the bottom out of both sides and reduce the upper part of the refrigerator out from the noise .. 8. In the back of the wall at a certain angle. The back of the refrigerator in a certain angle with the wall, in the back of the wall in the l-3 degree angle after the open side of a large refrigerator, a small opening in one side, showing a horn. The noise on one side of a large multi-version, you must look to the object, some noise from a small side facing toward the area of ​​human activity .. 9. Along the nail in the wall place that absorbs sound board. The deadening material, like cotton fiberglass glued to cardboard, cardboard and then screw in the refrigerator (compressor side) behind the wall, around the back of a large cardboard refrigerator over 10 cm up -20 cm ..
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