What types of accounts should be created in tally if companies business is shares, stock trading? related questions

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What types of accounts should be created in tally if companies business is shares, stock trading?0Syran2012-09-04 14:12:02
What types of accounts must be created regardless of whether the companies' business , stock trading is stock ?
Why are there so many different types of shares in Bombardier? Which stock is the best to buy?2hg19852012-10-10 15:41:03
Anyone know why there are so many different types of actions Bombardier ( BBD.B , BBD.A , BBD.PR.B , BBD.PR.C , BBD.PR.A ) ? And what you buy were to invest in this company ? I understand and BBD.A BBD.B are common stock , and the others are preferred, thus preferred premium for trade. See also pays a dividend each different amount, but I can not understand why there are so many different beings and that is the best ? Any help is appreciated . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Steve
Muslims isn't purchasing shares, loaning money to companies for interest and the trading of shares gambling?0Deborah2012-09-22 18:24:02
So basically any type of capital investment is prohibited and Haram according to sharia ! MedlinePlus Why is there an index for Islamic sharia authorized firms when all this does is encourage people to do " Haram " money !
Some companies on the new problems created1__only ↑ pro. 2012-05-14 21:29:19
Because of my work , from time to time some customer funds , I would like to make an enterprise-class cultural, to dry all businesses without employees , especially need your account number , invoice. After opening the business, but worry about missing or not. If more than one year has nothing , I have to ask the following questions : 1, the inspection will be canceled? 2, no business income , the month of corporations, state tax ? 3, the addition of this company has always been free, are fixed costs ? 4, limited liability company registered shareholders of the two , my wife and I can, trade relations between the shareholders of any provision allowed the partners? Thank you ! ! !
What is the difference between cash accounts and margin accounts in Stock trading?0Sreeraj2012-10-22 07:32:44
Why do you want a deposit of Margin Accounts highier ?
How the companies are get benifited from the daily trading of shares?1Megan2012-09-07 16:45:02
What companies are you benifited from the daily trading of the shares?
Which companies shares should i buy, if im a fresher in trading..and i wanted to do intra-day trading..please?3Prashant2012-08-19 14:48:02
What actions should I buy companies , if I am a fresh trade .. and I wanted to do intraday trading .. please?
Has the UK Companies Act 2006 had any substantial effect on trading as a private company limited by shares?0Adri2012-07-09 09:09:05
Since its passing, how has it had any substantial effect on trading as this type of company. What are the advantages and disadvantages of trading under this type of company?
What is positional trade in stock markets? and what are different types of trading strategies?0Tallie2012-08-28 20:40:03
What is position trading in the stock markets ? and what are the different types of trading strategies ?
Which of these 2 types of trading are you most likely to win at; Forex or stock trading?2sjfs2012-08-05 23:37:20
I want to know your opinion on which 2 types of operations that are more likely to win if they trade either currency or stock trading ? What is more likely to give you better performance and make you rich quick ?
A to Z of Business types and Trades?0Alone30302012-10-02 09:12:03
Does anyone know where I can get a list for a z of business types in CSV or Excel for a website I'm building ?
How to do online trading business with shares?0jale2012-08-21 19:27:01
How to do business online trading with stocks ?

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