Is it possible for someone in West Africa to trade online on the NY stock exchange or the London exchange? related questions

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Is it possible for someone in West Africa to trade online on the NY stock exchange or the London exchange?2Very easy Math2012-10-14 12:27:01
Is it possible that someone in West Africa to trade online in the New York Stock Exchange or the London Stock Exchange ?
Trade in london stock exchange?0jaeden2012-11-02 14:50:43
Could anyone tell me how to buy/sell shares in LSE? what are the steps? what account should I open? with which broker? Is HSBC this broker ok?
How do I trade on the London Stock Exchange?0male-gina 2012-10-22 17:40:22
I recently opened a Scottrade account and now I wonder if there is a way for me to deal in the shares of the LSE . Of course , I'm at work when the NYSE is trading and I'm thinking it might be better to negotiate on the London market , which will be open when I'm home . Any advice would be appreciated . Thank you.
Anybody knows a good website where I can trade on the london stock exchange?0Kgaogelo2012-10-13 19:51:15
I'm currently using eTrade but the charges are 15min massive delays and price buy / sell very confusing .... need to gain some
Sugar Price for ICUMSA 45 London Stock Exchange0Lebogang2012-07-13 21:18:02
Pls show me today Sugar Price for ICUMSA 45 London Stock for 50,000 Tonn
London and New York Stock Exchange most traded shares?0Rhiannon2012-08-02 21:38:51
shares (top 5) that were most intensively traded on any date in January or February: - their prices at the start of the business - the number of shares traded on that day - the closing prices
Is there a minimum amount for trading on the London Stock Exchange?0Clyde2012-07-06 23:20:02
I am thinking of buying some shares right now, but wondered just have a minimum price for trade, for example,
How many days a year is the London Stock Exchange (LSE) open for trading?0Erika Reynolds2012-10-25 06:40:52
Does what it says on the tin. Just need to know to do some calculations for my actions .
What time does the London stock exchange (FTSE) start trading?0copperhead2012-07-13 00:57:01
What time does the London Stock Exchange (FTSE ) trade start ?
How can I get hands-on experience to learn equity trading on London stock exchange?1Zaki2012-08-23 16:21:02
I've a small sum (around GBP 4,000) in hand, and make a modest saving every month as well. I really want to learn equity trading and utilize it as a second means of income. However, I don't know I can start trading on a low risk (and low cost) level to get on this learning curve.. My friends are advising to avoid this risky course and look into mutual funds, but this will rob me of hands on experience Please advice. Thank you
Other than London Stock Exchange website, where should I look for investment advice such as buying shares?0Leopol2012-09-16 02:11:02
Looking for investment advisory and trading tools including stock purchase
Where i can download shares historical prices for london stock exchange as metastock format ?0westwood2012-09-27 22:37:02
I am looking for prices of daily share prices in London stock exchange market as " MetaStock format " thanks

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